HedgieRun™ Digital Pet Odometer

See how far your hedgehog runs!

How far does your hedgehog run?

Track how far your hedgehog or other small animal runs on its wheel with the HedgieRun™ electronic digital wheel odometer! Includes mounting bar and Velcro tabs for easy removal when your wheel needs cleaning.

This product is designed to be compatible with large bucket-style (solid) running wheels and includes a tracking spreadsheet that will calculate your pet's running distance in either metric or Imperial units. Please check your wheel design to make sure you can mount this product properly.

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Mounting Options

Option 1: Flat mounting bar

Attach the sensor to your wheel using the supplied Velcro tabs, and adjust the bar angle manually. Choose this option if your wheel doesn't use a center bolt mount that you can easily access, but has a flat surface available on the stand or wheel post, such as the Kaytee Silent Spinner™.

Option 2: Offset Bar for Storm Bucket Wheels

Choose this option to receive a pre-adjusted mounting bar that is compatible with the popular Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel or any wheel mounted to its stand with a bolt and wing-nut.

Item Includes

  • 5-digit LCD counter module with mounting clip
  • Sensor module with lead wires
  • Rare earth magnet with mounting adhesive
  • 1 AA battery (pre-installed)
  • Velcro tabs for mounting sensor bar
  • Small Animal Distance Calculator & Log Spreadsheet (Excel and Mac Numbers format) Downloadable Files
  • Installation instructions (PDF)

You will receive a download link for the installation instructions and logsheets via email at the time of purchase.

Bundle Product

USD 34.99

Mounting Bar Style
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