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Google AdSense is a great starting point if you are considering making money online. The challenge for a lot of people who have the potential to make a living online through AdSense is security.  There are many who are more comfortable working tirelessly for someone they do not like, in a business they do not care about, doing work they are not even remotely passionate about. These same people, caught up in the drudgery of everyday life, feel that there is no doorway for something better. They are the same people who following a tedious 8-hours at work come home and use the little bit of free time they have to dream about a different reality. Problem is, they are reluctant to step beyond what they know. If you are this kind of person, Adsense is the doorway to easily moving beyond your fears. 

Life does not have to be that hard, tedious, depressing, or boring.

Truthfully, anyone can make money online. Many people do. I am one.

There is virtually no start-up cost, no overhead, and you can start doing it today. Yes today, right now, and still keep your regular job. Unless you have a huge savings, staying employed while you get started in your online business is smart.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • What you need to get started.
  • How to setup your AdSense accout.
  • 2 tools to make more money with AdSense.
  • 4 tools to maximize your website performance.
  • 3 tactics to experiment in making more money.
  • How to avoid Public Service Ads.
  • Terms of service mistakes to avoid.
  • The importance of split-testing.
  • Moving beyond AdSense - Affiliate Marketing.
  • Buying a website already AdSense activated.
  • Recommended resources.

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