Praying God's Promise of Peace (Value: $Priceless)

Instead of praying from our anxiety and worry, we can pray from God’s promise of peace!

Enjoy a guided prayer exercise in order to increase your peace! Use anytime! Worksheet provided for you.

The format is very similar to what I would lead you through in a private session in order to connect with Jesus and hear more clearly from Him, except on your own!

Find a place without distraction. Press in and enjoy! People often reply that it was like going to the spa.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Connecting with Him is amazing every time.

Bless you with more of Holy Spirit! To walk forward in what God has for you today! 🙏🙌🥰

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

Life Coach & Spiritual Director

0.14 MB PDF

USD 17.00

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