Lord Libidan Cross Stitch Font Pack

The celebrated Lord Libidan has assembled a set of fonts that you can use to enhance and embellish your designs, and we are pleased to work in conjunction to offer these to you in a form that MacStitch and WinStitch can use.

'Home Sweet Home'.. 'Happy Birthday' .. whatever you need to say.

There are 35 fonts in this pack.. all made up of simple full cross letters in black, whose sizes range from 5 to 20 stitches tall.

These fonts can be used as 'Alphabets' (motifs that paste in black), or 'Speciality Stitches' (motifs that paste in the current color), or used in the 'Backstitch and other letters' function which allows you to type whole words and sentences using one of the fonts , in color.

Once placed, you might further embellish the lettering with flowers or additional motifs to personalize them.

Bundle Product

GBP 9.99

Sold by : Ursa Software

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