UKFS-Fraud including Credit Card and Suspicious Transactions 2021 For Online Businesses

Financial Crime in today's online world

Avoiding Fraud, Scams and Theft Online

What Makes This Course Different

We have been delivering training for over 20 years and this is one of our core competencies. We believe we are experts on this topic and having delivered training to a wide range of firms and businesses, we are certain we know the topic as well as anyone in the market place.

We do not use academics. All our trainers are highly experienced professionals with relevant vocational experience in the real world.

We have delivered many fraud and financial crime courses over the last few years and have a very clear understanding of what may be contributing to the fraud. In addition, participant feedback informs us in both a precise and timely manner what the changing regulatory imperatives are over time.

We have developed highly interactive and very enjoyable case studies to enhance the learning points. All delegates report that these are a high point.

We are always judged by our results which speak for themselves and the feedback received from previous delegates has always been excellent.

Learning Objectives

The aim of the Course is to provide fraud managers and others to obtain a wider understanding of risk management within the context of external fraud.

  1. The delegates will have the ability to understand fraud risk in the wider context of enterprise risk management and business in general.
  2. If you are responsible for drawing up financial policies as part of your job, this course will help you decide which checks/framework to put in place and how to enforce them
  3. If you have been investigating or det4ecting fraud, this course may help you understand the perpetrator’s motives and the various factors that prompted their actions
  4. This course will help you identify suspicious behaviour, which in turn will allow you to play your part in tackling this common crime.
  5. This will include the ability to conduct a fraud risk assessment and manage the findings.

Areas covered in this 1 day course.

  • Fraud, bribery or blackmail – what’s the difference?
  • 11 Common Types Of Credit Card Fraud & Crimes
  • 8 types of identity theft
  • Suspicious transactions, involving;
  • Investment Fraud
  • Loan/Credit card application fraud
  • Other miscellaneous fraud
  • The modern fraud risk management framework
  • The people problem: motives and behavioural issues behind fraud – the Fraud Triangle, who commits fraud and why
  • Responsibilities for fraud prevention and detection – the role of directors and senior managers
  • The role and responsibilities of auditors in fraud prevention and detection
  • The most effective anti-fraud prevention controls discussed and analysed
  • Red flags and the forensic approach, with key detective techniques – hotlines, data mining and fraud auditing
  • Headline cases and practical examples workshops

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