UKFS-Digital Customer Onboarding for PSD2 & Technology firms Easy to Use Checklist for Individual Customers (natural persons)

An easy to use checklist for creating AML checks online

Who Is This For?

This course will be helpful for orientating analysts in banking, finance, KYC, AML, logistics etc (any roles which are of analytical thinking). However, even team leaders of creative teams (designers, software engineers or journalists etc) may find helpful insights on how to make the welcoming to their team efficient and smooth. Also helpful for various roles / occupations, can be easily adjusted to your team`s specifics. The main beauty of it - this course is especially valuable in situations when onboarding may only be done online as a remote work / remote teams / or any force-majeure home office situations.

On this course we will cover in detail :

Front-End (what your customer sees and needs to provide) -

  • The 9 Fundamental data sets
  • Accept T&Cs and Privacy policy
  • Sending an email confirmation

Back-End (what you do and how you check the details provided by the customer);

  • Onboarding checks
  • “Silent checks” – not visible to the customer
  • UK Financial Crime Breaches - Tipping off

Follow up actions on data sets;

  • Full name - 
  • Date of birth - 
  • Address -
  • Nationality - 
  • E-mail- 
  • Phone - 
  • And more!

Ongoing Checks.

Blockchain Tracking

It is possible to risk-score the blockchain history of the bitcoin address.

We hope you will find this course helpful, and I am looking forward to reading your comments and hearing from you!

Who this course is for:

  • Team Leader
  • Manager
  • CEO
  • HR
  • Human Resources

11.71 MB PDF

GBP 470.00

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