Elden Ring Closed Network Test key - PS4/PS5 - Europe

Elden Ring beta network testing time :

Test1: 12:00.PM - 3:00.PM Nov 12th CET

Test2: 4:00.AM -7:00.AM Nov 13th CET

Test3: 8:00.PM - 11:00.PM Nov 13th CET

Test4: 12:00.PM - 3:00.PM Nov 14th CET

Test5: 4:00.AM - 7:00.AM Nov 15th CET

How to redeem your PS4 / PS5 Codes : 


Region : Europe

**Note : American buyer's can create PSN Europe account to redeem , download & play Elden Ring Test .

Instant code delivery

EUR 9.00

Sold by : Gamonod

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