The Gods Awoke

by Marie Vibbert

If the Gods were real, could you believe?

Hitra, high priestess of Revestre, already has enough on her hands: political upheaval, a distractingly attractive male servant, and an upcoming harvest festival. But when a column of flame from the heavens sends a city into tumult, it upends more than just her schedule. Now, Hitra must deal with a religious schism, ethnic strife...and a God growing out of control.

"An innovative slant on a fantastic religion, its worshippers and divinities!"

   ~Mary A. Turzillo, Cosmic Cats and Bonsai

"Even in a conflict on the scale of Gods, Vibbert masters the art of making small things matter."

   ~Lorelei Esther, illustrator, The Kitra Saga

"Creative, quirky, fun, Vibbert delivers a wild new take on divine gods and their petty squabbles in The Gods Awoke!"ype Here

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