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Dreena's JOY Club

This club will incorporate movement and cooking practices throughout the month to bring more vitality – joy! – to your life.

Our practices will correspond with the seasons and energetic principles of Chinese Medicine.

So, for instance, from January to March, we will be moving in ways that help to nourish our kidneys and the urinary bladder – the organs associated with this season of winter (for us in the Northern hemisphere). And, the cooking classes will feature recipes using foods that are very balancing for winter.

Dreena’s JOY Club: Part 1

Part 1 of this club involves the workshops I’ve been running since November: CHANGE YOUR FASCIA, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Because it can truly do just that. The power of this work is not to be underestimated.

When you take care of your fascia, it will take care of you. Because when you CHANGE the fascia through engaged movement, it allows the muscles to move freely, there is less tugging on the tendons, more suspension in the joints, and a better flow of energy through the body. Less pain, more joy.


As we did the exercises, I felt release. All that tightness! This morning I woke at 4:30, rolled over onto my side and was amazed at the feeling of freedom in my upper back. I dozed off for a couple more hours of great sleep. Moving around today it feels like my shoulders are inches lower and my arms are longer. We have been running from activity to activity all morning and now to an event. Can’t wait to get back home and repeat the series. -April
It’s funny, I was interested in this workshop for my husband. He has some similarities in his story to yours in that he occasionally uses other tools like massage, cryotherapy, chiropractics, etc. I actually never thought of myself as someone that had much for tightness or pain in my body. It wasn’t until after I did the movements with you that I realized my own tightness and aches were gone! I hadn’t even realized they were there. My lower body has now been begging for its own treatment all day. -Sherri
Totally happy. I feel looser, less pain than I have in years with just one session. Can’t thank you enough or relay how excited I am. I slept so much better than I can remember too. Spirits are lifted. I was sure I was heading quickly to need of wheelchair prior to your offering! -Jaimie

Dreena’s JOY CLUB: Part 2

Now, this movement is greatly enhanced by nutrition. Our bodies’ tissues rebound easier by eating less processed foods, more organic foods, and clean water. And, as I mentioned earlier, they have a reciprocal effect.

So, we will also be cooking together! I will select recipes that align with the seasons, and I will demo some of these recipes through live sessions. You will receive a pdf of all of the recipes.

Dreena’s JOY Club: Part 3

Finally, we will include a yin yoga class – again, concomitant with the organs/seasons in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our fascia fix sessions are very “yang”. You will feel your body heat up, you will build muscle, and you will even get a cardio response. Our yoga sessions will bring the balance, the “yin” into our life. Yin yoga also benefits the connective tissues, in a different way. Moreover, it’s especially helpful for the nervous system.

Excited to see you in the zoom room!

x Dreena

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