PageBoost PageSpeed Enhancer for Weebly

Boost your Weebly website's performance, Core Web Vitals, and loading speeds.

PageBoost is a performance-enhancing plugin for your Weebly website. It adds intelligent lazy-loading to your website, loading resources in a per-demand way rather than all at once.

Boost Website Loading Speeds

PageBoost applies lazy loading to your website, speeding up your website loading speeds, reducing bandwidth and freeing up resources.

Core Web Vitals & SEO Optimization

PageBoost loads the "above the fold" content first, thus improving your Core Web Vital scores which in turn lead to more powerful SEO Scores

Super Easy to Install

PageBoost is very easy to install. Upon purchase, you'll be redirected to the installation tutorial. Installation takes a few seconds.

Unlimited Usage

With this one-time payment, you can use PageBoost as often as you'd like, across all types of projects including for clients.

Complimentary Website Performance Audit

Your purchase comes with a complimentary website performance audit, which you'll be able to request after purchasing. Our team will run a series of audits on your website to discover flaws, and issue recomendations.

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USD 24.00

Sold by : Luminous Themes

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