Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

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Searching for an Easy - Simple - Basic Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of your Sales and Expenses? Look no further ->

Searching for an Easy - Simple - Basic Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of your Sales and Expenses? Look no further -> The Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet is an Easy-to-Use, yet Simple Excel Workbook for basic bookkeeping or simple accounting to track your online sales.

The workbook is set-up for eBay and Amazon Sales yet could be easily adapted for any sales channel. This bookkeeping solution features tabs for:

- Inventory (FBA & On-Site)

- Jan-Dec Sales Tabs

- Year-End Sales Totals - Both eBay/Amazon Tabs

- Combined Year-End Sales Tab

- Expenses Tab

- Profit Loss Tab

- Sales/Profit Charts Tab (Comparison)

- Sales Goal Tracker

- Mileage Log.

That's Not All, There is Much, Much More...

"The Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet" includes Written Instructions AND is Jam-Packed with almost 45 min. of Step-by-Step Video Instruction!! PLUS Email Support for questions!


There's (3) Bonus Tabs included:

• Planning Tab

• Notes Tab

• BOLO Tab (to track those products you want to "be on the look-out" for)

This workbook is PACKED with Plenty of Tools to provide Sales Tracking for your business & to help you with information for tax preparation at year-end.

Visit the following link for a short video demonstration of the spreadsheet.

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A Little About Me:

I'm not an Excel expert yet I believe this basic workbook that I use every day can be of benefit to others to track their sales and expenses!

I’ve been selling on eBay since 2007 and started selling on Amazon in 2010. It has been a challenge to track sales/expenses and I could not find a spreadsheet that I really liked to work with. So, I created a simple tracking system a few years ago for my personal use and added to it, as I needed more.

This workbook has helped me in my business and saved me a lot of time tracking sales, planning and especially at tax time. I know at any given time how my business is doing and what else I may need to do. I am confident it can be a good asset for your business, too!

P.S. - I am available via email for any questions and support!

Please Note that I am not an accountant nor CPA and any information pertained within this workbook is not intended as professional advice. Please consult a professional if you need advice as it relates to bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, etc.

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