The Rapping Manual

A step by step booklet, assisting you in becoming the rapper you know you are.

Learn How To:

  • Develop industry standard song-writing skills and rapping delivery
  • Market your projects and reach high view counts by mainly using your computer
  • Use psychological corporate methods to stand out from the crowd
  • Turn your songs into sources of passive income and keep them working for you
  • Build connections with the right people in the rap world and grow your influence
  • Structure your day around rapping for maximum impact
  • Become a skillful rapper with values and a message

This e-book is the pinnacle of what Rapping Manual could offer, in terms of premium content. The free videos that you may have been watching provide you with the fundamentals of rapping, while our guidebook goes in depth into all aspects of the craft and the business coming with it.

Lessons are easy to understand and simple to follow, with a clear structure that lets you practice what you have learned right then and there.

The Rapping Manual is designed to give you the advantage you need to develop your rap skills in the most efficient way possible.

Gain insights into who you are as a rapper and how to utilize your fullest potential.

Pages: 103

Chapters: 51

Table of Contents:

1.Count Music/Bars

2.Rhyme Schemes

3.Sound Schemes

4.Chopper Style Rapping

5.Compound Rhymes

6.Double Rhyming

7.Internal Rhyming

8.Style Combinations



11.Feel the Instrumental

12.Rap Content

13.Translate Bars into Speech

14.Draft vs Freelance

15.Song Structure

16.Rap Chorus

17. The Sacred Process

18. Improving Rap Delivery

19. Improving Breath Control

20. Melodic Rhymes

21. Rap Microphones

22. Audio Editing Software

23. Improving Rap Performance

24. How to Treat Your Engineer

25. How to Stay Motivated

26. What is in a Record Deal

27. How to Find Your Rapping Style

28. Tricks and Tips of Live Performance

29. How to Get Ideas to Write Lyrics

30. How to Keep Your Lyrics Concentrated

31. How to Rap-Summary

Bonus: Rapper Builder Advanced Marketing

1.Tribe Involvement

2.Local Ground up

3.Team Dynamics


5.Life Story

6.Gift Exposure

7.Set Traps


9.Mentions Game

10.Individualized Experiences


12.Creative Process Involvement



15.Blast Outs

16.Community Engagement


18.Objectives and Rewards

19.$300 Burger

20.Give Back

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is the Rapping Manual intended for advanced rappers?

-Yes, I have personally ensured that the manual is the all-you-need guide to rapping. It starts from the absolute fundamentals and then builds up the content into a plethora of much more advanced topics and techniques.

2.Is it applicable to this day and age?

-Yes, the bulk of the information in it points to using the internet as a way to create authority, buzz and influence, while a small percentage goes into showing offline ways, with which you can rig the game in your favor even further.

3.What is your Refund Policy?

-In case you feel that the Rapping Manual hasn’t been helpful to you, I’m happy to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. I can say that I’m confident in the manual’s potential to bring you results and I’m willing to give you a full refund on your purchase, in case you feel that wasn’t the case, no questions asked. Just contact me at and we will sort it out.


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