The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe

Tips and tricks to take the stress out of your European holiday.

Driving in Europe has provided my family with so many great experiences. We love to get off the regular tourist trail and explore quiet rural villages that you can't reach by public transport. With our own car we're not restricted to set timetables - if we like a place, we can stay longer! A self-drive holiday in Europe gives us the freedom to explore Europe at our own pace - and you can enjoy this freedom, too.

"The Stress-Free Guide to Driving in Europe" is designed to give you the confidence to plan your own self-drive holiday in Europe. In this 80+ page eBook I share all the tips and tricks that I use when planning my own driving holidays in Europe. (3rd Edition published November 2018.)

What's included?

  • Over 80 pages of tried and tested methods for planning a stress-free European driving holiday covering everything from getting the best deal to road rules and licence requirements and much, much more.

  • 8 European road trip itineraries ranging from 7 to 39 days and covering countries as varied as Iceland, Croatia and everything in between

  • Printable travel planning tools ready for you to print out and use for your holiday

  • What do I know about driving in Europe?

    My husband and I have holidayed in Europe over a dozen times, and each time a car has been our major form of transport. We love the flexibility that having our own vehicle provides and have utilised both rental cars and lease vehicles over the years.

    We’ve made the odd mistake along the way (all small, thankfully!), and the lessons learned from those mistakes are among the things that I share with you in this book.

    7.72 MB PDF

    AUD 19.95

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