MLM Team Training Manual

If you have a MLM Team, you need a system and standardized training to help your team members get started right.

This PDF is my actual 180+ page team training manual that I created for my team. I spent about 300 hours writing and editing this manual.

Here is the table of contents, so you can see what is included:

Welcome Message

Company Overview

  • Why Network Marketing?
  • Why (my company name)?
  • Popular Products
  • The Compensation Plan
  • The Ranks

Team Overview

  • What is Team Supreme?
  • The Founders
  • Our Training System

Your First 96-Hours

  • New Reps Checklist
  • Activating Your Account
  • Making Your Name’s List
  • Contacting Scripts
  • How to Launch Your Business
  • Reaching Executive

Growing Your Business

  • Income Producing Activities
  • The Company’s Websites
  • 10 Steps to Success
  • Daily Marketing Plan
  • Emails to Send to New Team Members
  • 32 Tips to Be a Better Recruiter
  • Example Business Plan
  • Success Tips
  • Retention Tips

Generating Leads

  • Facebook Tips
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Scripts
  • Prospecting Tips & Strategies
  • 120 Free & Low-Cost Ways to Get Leads
  • Team Advertising CO-OP
  • Free Leads Program
  • Craigslist System
  • Postcards
  • Drop Cards
  • Company’s Gift Card Program

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Network Marketing

Recommended Reading List

Suggested Resources

About the Author

Feel free to use this as a template to create your own team training manual.

Comes in PDF. Instant download available 24/7.

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