Tiny Fantasies Issue 1

Tiny Fantasies... Fetish comic of shrunken men!

Tiny Fantasies is the beginning of a new world, one where men will learn their place as women enjoy complete and utter dominance over their pitiful diminutive counterparts. Issue one introduces you to #59, freshly "resized" and acclimating himself into his new giant world.

For sale is the first in a series of giantess fetish comics. Enjoy this 12 page comic. Warning- explicit material! Includes shrinking/domination/NWO. Don't miss out, purchase your copy today!

Tiny Fantasies issue one is published by Tiny Fantasies Productions Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. The stories, characters, and incidents mentioned in this comic are entirely fictional. No actual persons, living or dead, are intended or should be inferred.

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Sold by : Tom Donaldson

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