The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals

Where, When, and How to Fish the Twizel Canals - Tackle, Soft Baits, Methods and Advice from the Experts 

The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals by Allan Burgess. Digital e-Book Instant Download.

The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals Contains 148 pages, 25,000 words, and 185 photographs and is a much larger and more detailed work than the earlier Fishing the Twizel Canals by the same author released back in August 2013 (you also get a free download of the earlier book as an added bonus).

I greatly appreciate the assistance given by many top anglers who fish the canals on a regular basis.   

Sometimes the fish are easy to catch and sometimes not so much. Knowing the best approach, when, where and how to fish makes a world of difference when it comes to targeting big trout and salmon in this wonderful world-class fishery.  


Introduction 8  

1 Trout & Salmon in the Twizel Canals 24

2 Getting Started 34

3 Salmon Farming the Twizel Canals 48

4 Fishing the Ohau A Wall 58

5 Rods, Reels and Lines 90

6 Soft-Bait Fishing 106

7 Natural Bait Fishing 120

8 Dressed Jigs 132

9 Releasing Fish – Seven Tips 140

10 Useful Addresses 146   

Exclusive content not published elsewhere. Learn about the importance of flow rate in deciding which jig heads to use for soft-baiting.

We also give you a list of which soft-baits to buy to start you off in the right direction.

Which rods and reels do you need to fish the canals?

A list and links to camping grounds in the Twizel area.

Bait anglers are not neglected. Advice on baits, rigs, fishing spots and methods.

Interesting pictures and stories about the salmon farms.

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside… Why is the trout and salmon fishing in the Twizel Canals so good? Why are there so many big fish in the canals? The reason may not be that obvious! What do the big monster trout eat? Sockeye Salmon. Salmon Farming in the Canals.

What are the best knots and terminal rigs for the canals? Why tying super-strong rigs is so important. The best tried and tested rig for the Ohau A wall.

Fishing streamers and nymphs on spinning gear for huge trout. Featured lures and the adapted Tongariro-style rig.

Setting the correct drag pressure. Why do you need to use Mustad Fastach ball-bearing swivels and clips?

What to do when you have hooked a big trout. A lot of big fish are lost unnecessarily – how to prevent it from happening to you?

Selecting soft-bait rods for the canals. Why do I like to extend the rod butt? Rod length decisions. How to choose the correct size reel to match your rod. Choosing spinning reels and braided lines.

Different types of soft baits including scented and unscented and why it is important to have a good selection.

The effectiveness of egg patterns – even on really large trout. Where to find and how to store live huhu grubs. The best spots to fish natural bait rigs. Huge rainbow trout caught on a prawn.

Tying Dressed Jig Patterns, are they worth trying, and why do they work so well in the age of the “soft bait.” Why do I paint my jig heads to match my soft baits and dressed jigs?

The importance of eyes on your lures.

I’ve been told that many of the big trout caught and released may not survive the experience. Seven tips to help your fish make it through catch and release.

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