Sea Soul Sessions

One to one session from my sea soul to yours

Deepen your connection to the wisdom of the sea in this online session - Sea Soul Blessings creator, Pippa Best, uses the Sea Soul Blessings to help you reflect, reset and respond to whatever issues you are facing right now.

"Each Sea Soul Session connects you, me and the sea. A 'blue mind' space in which you can clear your head of unnecessary chatter, connect more deeply to your heart, and attune to the energy and wisdom of the ocean. The sea guides us towards what you most need to hear - and as it does so, I gently support you to explore your way forward, steered by self compassion." Pippa

One session: £28

Three session package: £72

A Sea Soul Session is like spending precious time by the sea, breathing in the sea’s magic.

By connecting to your own wisdom, and the power of the ocean, the session strengthens and supports you to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Here's what others have to say about the experience:

“I so enjoyed today. I appreciated the tender, intentional flow of the session, and came away with encouraging insights - that I was able to put into action straight away. Thank you.” Nichole

“I'd been feeling out of sorts for days, anxious, and worried that I'd cry the whole session. That all disappeared quickly. I really loved how you applied the cards to my question. It was like chatting with a really wise friend who wants to see you feel better. I felt relaxed after and more sure of some choices I was debating - and energized by what's to come instead of sad and overwhelmed! I would highly recommend a session to anyone!” Lesley

“My Sea Soul Session with Pippa was my first time having someone pull cards for me. I found it an insightful, encouraging, and intuitive experience - highly recommended! The cards are very thought provoking and beautifully written, and Pippa is an excellent guide.” Jennings

“I liked that the discussion took place in the privacy of my home. The three Sea Soul cards turned out to be very relevant and helped me to focus. After the session, I felt calmer and less alone with my issues. On the whole I felt very positive and in charge after the session. I would certainly recommend it to others who have a passion for the sea." Lorraine

“The reading was so powerful and really spot on for what I am feeling and what I need right now. It was an eye opener for me. Afterwards I felt understood, and heard, with some guidance on how to move on without relying on someone else to do it for me. I would recommend a session to help give clarity and as a gift to yourself in times of feeling overwhelmed or as if there is no time for anything. It's a small thing, but for me so incredibly insightful." Swazi

“As we began, there was no question that the Sea has chosen Pippa to deliver her gifts. It was as though with each wave that rolled in, there was a gift left to be revealed as it retreated back into the sea. Together we unpacked those gifts, diving in deeper and exploring the possibilities that were offered. Pippa, thank you for hearing this calling and stepping into it so fully. Both you and the sea have blessed me today.” Angie

What happens in a Sea Soul Session?

Once you’ve made your booking, you will receive a link to schedule a time for us to connect by video online - either by skype or facebook messenger. I love being able to see you, but if you would prefer not to be on screen, we can speak by phone.

I will call you at the agreed time.

We will start our 20 minute session with a simple breathing exercise to pause and reset - this is a chance to let go of the stresses of the day, and connect to the revitalising energy of the sea together.

You can request an open reading, or bring a question, issue or particular area in which you would like some Sea Soul Blessing guidance and encouragement.

I will then draw three Sea Soul Blessing cards for you, and we will discuss what these might mean to you right now. Looking at the message of each card, we will consider what resonates, what feels hard, where you have come from and where you are going next. We will explore how you might bring these particular sea qualities into your day, and apply this wisdom to your life going forward. Inspired by the cards, you might come up with a small action that you could take.

During the session, we will also take a moment to practice self-compassion - by identifying a simple encouraging phrase: some kind words that you can speak aloud to yourself. This will be a gentle reminder to which you can return in moments of challenge.

To give thanks to the sea, we also make a donation to environmental causes from every Sea Soul Session sold.

With love from the sea, and me. A sea soul session from my sea soul to yours.

Sea Soul Session package:

To keep building your connection with the sea's magic over the next three months, you can order a bundle of three monthly sessions. Schedule your first session, and we will schedule your next Sea Soul Sessions when we complete your first session. These sessions can be used over a six month period after purchase.


You can order Sea Soul Sessions as a gift voucher - simply contact me via the Sea Soul Blessings website after purchase and we can arrange to send you a digital voucher.


If you know in advance that you can can no longer make the agreed time, you should be able to reschedule our session via Calendly. However, as these slots are limited, I will be unable to reschedule your session if you give me less than 72 hours notice.

I'm so looking forward to sharing the sea with you.

GBP 28.00 - 72.00

Choose your Sea Soul Session package :
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