LifePlan 2.0 Course (Active)

by Domenic Certa

What's Your Life Worth? LifePlan is a comprehensive fillable pdf course and Facebook Coaching Group. You take all your random thoughts and they get organized so that you can see the big picture of your life and all that you want, then have it all make sense and then you begin to create your life exactly the way you want it. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? LifePlan makes you think about you and your priorities first. Then you organize it. Then you create it. It's brilliant actually. Every area of your life that needs attention, gets attention. First, you download it. Then you begin to read it. As you read it, there are questions and there are spaces for you to express and organize your thoughts and feelings and then write your thoughts and dreams just as you visualize them in your mind. If you get stuck, you go to the FB Coaching Group and we will help you figure it out. :-)

LifePlan is a course about going-for-it.

LifePlan is about giving yourself permission for once to give it everything that you have so that you can have everything that you really want.

What every human wants deep down more than anything else is a life beyond their imagination.

What we now know is that if you want to have a genuine and amazing life journey, it’s much more possible when you are back in touch with the real you, the inner, powerful you. Then acting (taking appropriate action) with a plan that will leave you fulfilled and content.

You only have so much time on the planet so it’s time to get busy planning and creating, right now.

This course is not designed to be easy nor a quick solution to your life's problems. You will get tremendous value by forcing yourself to engage with this course and by putting yourself into an environment that can provide structure, motivation, and accountability.

Without structure, motivation and accountability, it will greatly diminish your opportunity to reach some of your goals.

What do most people freak out and worry about more than anything else in life? Their future!

When you have a powerful life purpose, a clear vision to see out into your future, passionate values that keep you on track, and a solid, well thought out strategy, the less you are going to worry.

The less you worry, the better able you will be at creating a bright, amazing future.

2.01 MB PDF

USD 250.00

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