MacStitch Premium Upgrade to 64bit 2020 edition

If you have a MacStitch Premium between 2013 to 2017, and you install Catalina, it will refuse to run the app any longer because Apple no longer support 32bit programs.

MacStitch has been 64bit since the 2018 edition, but other Apple changes mean we have to keep changing the app to keep pace.

Current builds (shipping MacStitch 2020) now accomodate the needs for :

  • Codesigned
  • Code Hardened
  • Notarised
  • Dark Mode

You can upgrade for £10

Would you like to keep on top of this for life?

Why not add on the 'Lifetime Customer' option?

Sometimes there are things to fix, sometimes Apple or Microsoft change something important, and naturally we're always thinking of new stuff.

So we often release new versions, sometimes these are small and free, sometimes they are bigger and chargeable.

You can ensure you always have the latest version, (even if others have to pay), by taking advantage of the Lifetime Upgrades service.

When updates become available, you will get those first , and at no further cost.

Choose 'Software plus lifetime' in the options on the right. :)

62.34 MB PKG

GBP 10.00 - 25.00


Sold by : Ursa Software

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