The Lonewolf Game + The Player System

The Complete Player System

Get laid in 15 Days, even if you are Virgin.

This Complete Package includes both eBooks:

  • The Lonewolf Game Remastered Version (112 pages)
  • The Player System (100 pages)

What this complete system contains the following:

  • 15 Days program with different daily drills which are designed to:
  • Boost your confidence, social skills
  • Acquiring a playful and flirty attitude around women
  • Breaking the fear of approaching women and becoming immune to rejections
  • Acquiring balls to approach women anywhere, anytime
  • A detailed guide on how you can maximize your looks and how to build the attractive demeanor that makes women attracted to you
  • Techniques to seduce women and complete step by step strategy how to go to bar/nightclub and get laid under 15 minutes
  • How to naturally increase your penis size and how to become Sex God in bedroom, meaning that women will crave you more and more
  • Guide to avoid and prevent ending up in the Friend Zone
  • Lots of different examples of opening lines and flirty conversations you can have with women
  • +Lot, a lot more...

These eBooks are in PDF format, meaning you can read them on mobile devices too (smartphone, tablet)

Table of Contents

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