Voodoo Power in the Lockdown (PDF eBook)

Inside Voodoo Secrets To Survive & Thrive In The Coming Meltdown

You will discover insider mind power techniques to draw cash, to protect yourself from psychic attack, to attract love, and to deflect curses (and return them to sender).

Plus: How to "invoke voodoo power" to tap into the "power supply" that makes voodoo spells work. And the little known "white skeleton dance" to increase your psychic powers.

Legendary voodoo man Doktor Snake lays down powerful ways to keep afloat and prosper in these crazy, unprecedented times.

Doktor Snake is author of Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo). Along with Get Money, Unthinking Barbarian, and Bewitched. He also provides expert voodoo spellcasting services to clients around the world, helping them overcome the various issues they encounter in their lives.

1.04 MB PDF

USD 5.00

Sold by : Doktor Snake

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