z2020 MacStitch (LLUSA06)

MacStitch premium at a specially discounted price compared to the full current selling price.

The app lets you import scanned photos or clip art, chooses suitable colors for you, and converts these into designs, then lets you print out the designs in a variety of easy-to-read pattern styles on your own printer, together with an estimate of the amount of thread used.

Alternatively, you can export to a PDF file, if you intend to sell your work on the web.

Turn your own photos into charts - use clip art or images copied from the web (copyright may exist in these images so be careful if you wish to sell the designs afterwards) 

From start to chart in minutes!

And of course, the more artistic can design their own creations using little more than the mouse.

What you see on screen is what you get on paper and cloth.

Draw full, half, quarter stitches, beads, knots, backstitch..

Chain stitch, bugle beads, pearlier, diamond painting..

Squares, circles, flood fill, search & replace, multi-level undo.

Print the result, export as PNG files or PDF files , and so much more!

Add single line comments, copyright information, and miniature keys right onto the design.

Menus will display in English, French,German, Italian, Dutch , or Spanish

Lifetime Upgrades option: From time to time we issue updates, and we try to have an Upgrade available yearly. Yearly upgrades are chargeable (you do not need to upgrade each year!) , but using the lifetime upgrade option, you can ensure you get all new versions at no further charge, for a small one-off fee which is less than the price of two upgrades.

You can add that option bly clicking this link, then using 'Continue Shopping' to return to this page and then using the Buy Now button


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