The Complete Package of The Lone Wolf Mentality & Player Tricks Gems

The eBooks are in the PDF format, meaning you can read them on Mobile Devices too.

This Complete Package System contains following eBooks:

-The Player System (100 pages) ~ Acquire the Demeanor of the Player. You will learn how to live the Player Lifestyle, meaning you acquire the confidence to approach women anywhere, anytime. You will learn essential dating tips and how to avoid the mistakes what most men do when they get rejected. You will learn how to become the Sex God in the bedroom. +Much, Much more...

-The Lonewolf Game (112 pages) ~ Learn how to go alone to Bars/Nightclubs and get laid in under 15 minutes) + Much more

-The Player Journal Part 1 and 2 (52 pages in total) ~ In these books I reveal my complete story about how overly shy and classical "Mr. Niceguy" transformed into pussy slaying Pimp. Besides my stories, I will also share some of my gems, like How to get a Threesome with hot women or How to seduce Milfs. +Much More

-The Discipline of the Warrior (40 Pages) ~ This is not only book, but a program. A program which is designed to get you motivated to start achieving your goals and dreams. If you manage to complete this program, there will be nothing that can stop you afterwards... You will literally live in the God Mode. Also, in this book you will get exactly step by step guide how to acquire Ripped Sixpack Abs, without any bullshit methods. Either you are over weight or you are almost acquiring these sexy abs but your are struggling with the belly fat, no worry, this book will fix the problem...

-The Mindset to Beat the Shyness (39 pages) ~ A short but Effective eBook that teaches you techniques and methods to beat shyness and social anxiety. You will get motivation and also learn my story about how I got rid of the social anxiety I had suffered my whole life, until I made my transformation...

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