Marvel's Avengers - Legacy Outfit Pack + Nameplate CD Key


Front Line - Captain America’s bravery shines through in this soldier uniform from his time in the military during World War II.

Iron Will - Iron Man deceived his captors by building this armor to escape.

Classic Stealth - When Black Widow’s iconic black suit first appeared in the comics, it looked like this outfit… complete with the Widow’s Bite!

Asgard’s Might - Thor’s winged helmet, chest installations, and red cape were his trademark from his very beginnings.

Greater Good - Before Ms. Marvel went on one of her first missions, she made this makeshift costume.

Breakthrough - When The Hulk first emerged, his massive body tore through Bruce Banner’s clothing to resemble an experiment gone wrong.

Exclusive Nameplate

A classic Avengers-inspired nameplate featuring the core six Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Hulk).

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