Anti-Racism School Is In Session™ Complete 2020 Training Series

Introducing, Anti-Racism School Is In Session™, an educational training series to educate, inform, and illuminate issues around racism in America, specifically for the purpose of guiding people on their journey of anti-racism.

Anti-Racism School Is In Session™ Webinar Trainings 2020 (Curricula)

June - Introduction to Anti-Racism (History and How We Got Here)

Juneteenth - The Dehumanization of Black People and How It Led To Police Brutality and Healthcare Disparities

July - Cultural Appropriation & Microaggressions Revealed

August - Dissecting and Overcoming Systemic Racism In The Media, Films, and TV

September - The Reality and Dangers of Systemic Racism in Education

October - Battling Systemic Racism In Politics

November - Battling Systemic Racism In The Age of Social Media

December - Combating Racism In Your Family, and In Social Settings

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