Microsoft Excel Simple Data Profiling Spreadsheet, Analysis, Data Quality, Stats

As an advanced and highly experienced Microsoft Excel user, I have put together this easy to use universal and simple column Data Profiling Spreadsheet. 

You might be asking what is Data Profiling and how can this help me? Keep reading below and feel free to ask me any questions.

This template provides you with column Data Profiling. A column profile determines the characteristics of columns in a data source, such as value frequency, percentages, and patterns.

Column Profiling discovers the following facts about data:

  • The number of: null, zero, number and string values in each column, expressed as a percentage.
  • Statistics about string lengths and: min, max, average and median.
  • Statistics about each column values, such as min, max, average and median.
  • Patterns of data in each column and the frequencies with which these values occur.

The purpose of these statistics may be to:

  1. Find out whether existing data can be easily used for other purposes
  2. Improve the ability to search data by tagging it with keywords, descriptions, or assigning it to a category
  3. Assess data quality, including whether the data conforms to particular standards or patterns
  4. Assess the risk involved in integrating data in new applications, including the challenges of joins
  5. Discover metadata of the source database, including value patterns and distributions, key candidates, foreign-key candidates, and functional dependencies
  6. Assess whether known metadata accurately describes the actual values in the source database
  7. Understanding data challenges early in any data intensive project, so that late project surprises are avoided. Finding data problems late in the project can lead to delays and cost overruns.
  8. Have an enterprise view of all data, for uses such as master data management, where key data is needed, or data governance for improving data quality.

This template has been developed and tested in Windows Microsoft Excel 2016 and will work from Excel 2010 onwards. 

All the contents is in English.

You do not have to be an advanced excel user to use this template. 

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To summaries you will be receiving:

  1. Easy to use and simple column Data Profiling spreadsheet.
  2. Can be used over and over again for multiple data sets.
  3. Custom ribbon controls
  4. Free version updates
  5. Help and Support
  6. For use with small datasets (approx 50,000 rows and 200 columns max) due to the processing time it will take to run

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