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Jealousy and Self Esteem Resource Pack
Jealousy and Self Esteem Resource Pack - ebooks to help with jealousy, self esteem and assertiveness...
Assertiveness eBook (Pounds Sterling Version)
How to Be Assertive - Assertiveness Training eBook..
50 Life Coaching Exercises (Pounds Sterling Version)
Popular and effective life coaching exercises..
Self Esteem eBook (Pounds Sterling Version)
Ideas and information for building self esteem...
Overcoming Jealousy Guide (Pounds Sterling Version)
Strategies for Overcoming Jealousy..
Jealous Partner Guide (Pounds Sterling Version)
Ideas for Dealing with a Jealous Partner...
Ebooks on Aloneness and Personality Types
There are 2 Ebooks on relationships covering both personality types in dating and dealing with aloneness. By building up your strength and understanding your personality type, you can find a compatible match. There's also a wonderful ebook on marketing...
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