E-junkie supports full cart checkouts using ClickBank with our standard shopping cart buttons, including full support for all of our features.

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E-junkie automates the secure delivery of digital goods you are selling with ClickBank.

How to integrate E-junkie and ClickBank

    Here's how to put E-junkie and ClickBank to work for your business

    Link your E-junkie and ClickBank accounts

    You will only need to perform these steps once:
    1. Log into your ClickBank account:
      1. Go to Account Settings > My Site;
      2. Enter random numbers and CAPITAL letters in the Secret Key field and copy them.
    2. Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin:
      1. Click Edit Profile;
      2. Checkmark Sell With ClickBank, which will reveal a place to enter your ClickBank Vendor ID and Secret Key;
      3. Click Submit to apply changes;
      4. In Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences > Common Thank-you Page HTML, you can specify custom text or HTML that we should add to all your E-junkie-generated thank-you pages -- e.g., to satisfy ClickBank's thank-you page requirements.

    Link your E-junkie and ClickBank products

    Do this for each product you wish to sell with ClickBank and deliver securely with E-junkie:
    1. Log into your ClickBank account:
      1. Go to Account Settings > My Products;
      2. Edit your existing ClickBank product and do the following:
    2. Log into your E-junkie account:
      1. Go to Seller Admin > Add product (or View/Edit/Delete Products to modify an existing product);
      2. Enter the Price you noted from your ClickBank product settings, and select USD as currency;
      3. If modifying an existing download product, click Upload Product File here to provide the file that we should deliver to buyers (this button appears later when first adding a new product);
      4. Enter the product's ClickBank Item ID where indicated;
      5. Click Submit to apply changes and proceed to the button code screen;
      6. If you just added a new download product, click Upload Product File here to provide the file that we should deliver to buyers (you can also edit the product later to upload/replace the file);
      7. Scroll down to the Buy Now Buttons section and select ClickBank (below the box of codes);
      8. Copy the button code and paste it into your page wherever you want the button to appear among your own layout, text and images.

    Special Notes:

    • You can only use E-junkie to sell products with ClickBank that you have already set up and approved in ClickBank using a Thank-you/download page on your own site;
    • You can only use our Buy Now buttons for ClickBank payments; ClickBank is not available as a checkout option in our shopping cart and cannot use our Discounts feature nor other cart-dependent features that do not work with Buy Now buttons;
    • ClickBank checkout payments are not possible with E-junkie Affiliate system Direct Links; however, our Affiliate system's Hop Links will still work fine with ClickBank checkouts using our Buy Now buttons for ClickBank;
    • If you are using ClickBank for their affiliate system, you would ONLY want to accept checkout payments through ClickBank for your E-junkie products. Buyers who checkout using PayPal or other methods would not earn your ClickBank affiliates any commission for their referral, and ClickBank can offer a PayPal payment option during their own checkout process anyway. You can disable PayPal checkouts at our end by going to Seller Admin > Payment Preferences, where you should make sure both PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro are UN-checked;
    • If you want to test your ClickBank setup with E-junkie, you must do so with real, live checkout payments (our system does not support the sandbox/demo/test mode of any payment processors).

Have questions about the ClickBank?

See our help pages if you have any questions about our features or payment integrations, or email our support team.