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About the selling process

About the process

How does E-junkie service work? What happens after sale?

Step 1
After your register (you get a week of FREE TRIAL), you can add products from E-junkie admin. For each product, you will receive E-junkie CART BUTTONS and BUY NOW buttons. You can choose to use either or both, based on your needs. All you need to do, is to paste this code in your website.

Step 2
Buyer clicks on the purchase button and reaches the checkout page. Buyer pays you directly via the payment processor you have decided to use. Your payment processor notifies our server.

Step 3
Our server verifies the notification and screens for fraud. Buyer is then taken to your "thank you" page on E-junkie instantly. Additionally, a "thank you" e-mail (configured by you) is sent to the buyer which also contains a download link (if applicable).

If you are selling on eBay, then you do not need the button code. Click here to learn about selling on eBay.


Do I need to install any scripts on my site?

No. E-junkie is a hosted solution. All you need to do is to copy-paste the code we provide in your website.


When the buyer is sent the "thank you" email, whose return address will they see?

They'll see your "display name" and "dispaly email address" that you have entered in E-junkie Admin > Profile.