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FREE 1-year subscription offer

FREE One Year Subscription to E-junkie

Donate your digital product to E-junkie for charity

If you sell digital products and have not yet subscribed to E-junkie, we'd like to offer you a FREE one-year subscription to E-junkie, if you donate limited sales of a digital product to benefit two of our favorite charities.

Our philanthropic partners

These organizations will receive the proceeds from our sales of your donated digital produts:
  • One Million Lights relentlessly works towards providing clean, healthy and eco-friendly lighting for children. We wish to help them in their goal of distributing one million solar lights so that harmful kerosene lamps can be replaced with clean eco-friendly solar lanterns, eliminating carbon emissions and thus helping a global cause.
  • Little Feet spreads joy among children by bringing them soccer balls to play with. Whenever someone buys a soccer ball from Little Feet, another ball is donated to a kid. Their motto is, “A Soccer ball won't stop a war, and it won't fill a belly, but it might help a soul, and let children be children – at least for a little while."

We like to think of this project as an "online barter system for a good cause." We will be giving you a one-year subscription with E-junkie, and in return you will allow us to sell through our website a limited quantity of a digital product of your choosing, to benefit these humanitarian causes.

How it works

Choose any digital product of yours that you'd like to allow us to sell for charity.

The quantity you allow us to sell will depend on the subscription plan level you need and the regular price of your product. The annual cost of the subscription (monthly rate X 12), divided by the regular price of the item, equals the number of units you will donate for us to sell for charity. E.g., if you require the $18/mo subscription plan level, that works out to an annual cost of $216, so you could donate 24 units of a digital item nomally priced at $9.

This way, instead of paying directly for your E-junkie subscription, you are simply bartering a limited quantity of your product in exchange for an annual subscription to E-junkie. Better yet, E-junkie will donate our proceeds from your donated product to the two charitable organizations listed above. Your product will remain on sale until your donated quantity has been sold or after three months have passed, whichever occurs first.

Use this link to sign up for this promotion. E-junkie will review your offered product for suitability, and we reserve the right to accept or reject the product that you offer to barter with us. We would like to spread the good word about this project, so to help us out, we recommend that you share it among your social network. Simply "Like" this page on Facebook or +1 it on Google Plus, so that your social network can discover our online barter system for a good cause.