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How much does it cost?
How do I register?
Where is my activation code?
Why does it say my PayPal email address is in use?

File Delivery
What type of files can I sell?
What is the max file size I can upload?
What is the largest file I can deliver using E-Junkie?
I host my files on my own site...

Trouble uploading files

Stored and Generated Code delivery

Shipping & Handling
How do I collect addresses without charging for shipping?

I've setup shipping in E-Junkie, why aren't my buyer's being charged?
An international buyer was charged domestic shipping charges.

Tax & VAT
Can we configure different tax percentages on a per zip code basis including zip + 4?

I've setup Tax in E-Junkie, why aren't my buyer's being charged?
A buyer from a state I've configured to charge taxes was not charged.


Variants & Variations

Packaged products

Affiliate program

Discounts and Gift certificates

Thank you email
If someone purchases more than one product, what do you send the buyer?
Can I have just one email sent per purchase?
How do I disable Thank You emails altogether?

Thank you page


Updates, Mailing lists

How do I display my logo instead of  "Your Shopping Cart"?
How do I display my logo on my checkout page?
How do I change or add text to my cart?
How do I use my own graphic for Add to Cart, View Cart, and Buy Now buttons?