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PayPal for Digital Goods

Get two click payments, in-page payment experience and discounted micropayment rates for digital goods with E-junkie and PayPal!

NOTE: PayPal documentation currently indicates, "Express Checkout Digital Goods is no longer available for new integrations. This feature remains available for merchant accounts that already have Express Checkout Digital Goods enabled."

Are you a...

  • Game developer selling virtual goods or currencies?
  • Program developer selling software?
  • Media developer selling music, e-books, video, news, blogs, or any other premium digital content?

If so, you can use the new PayPal for Digital Goods checkout process, which is now integrated with the E-junkie shopping cart. Just like the standard E-junkie cart appears as a sleek overlay "inside" your own page, now buyers who have chosen to let PayPal "Remember Me" can also perform their PayPal checkout for digital goods within that same overlay, without leaving your site.

With our combined solution, sellers of digital goods can now enjoy:
  • A fast, easy, in-page payment experience -- your buyers can complete payment without leaving your site;
  • Special pricing for Micropayments -- 5 cents + 5% for orders under $12, giving you more back on every dollar you sell;*
  • Immediate payment on sales of digital goods -- as soon as a payment completes, you see it in your PayPal account;
  • Reach to a global audience of 87+ million active PayPal account users;
  • PayPal's fraud and risk expertise to help protect your business and your customers.

Optimize your digital goods shopping experience today! Get started selling more digital goods with PayPal and E-junkie.

* NOTE: If you simply wish to take advantage of Micropayments transaction fees, you don't necessarily need to set up PayPal for Digital Goods; see further details here.

Shopping Cart Button Demo Cart buttons support all our features and display the buyer's shopping cart as an overlay "inside" your own page, fitting within your site's existing layout and branding.
  • Digital Products: Demo tracks from the album Night Train
    • Demo Track 1 - Angel ($0.01)
    • Demo Track 2 - Just too much ($0.01)

AZ buyers will be charged 8% sales tax
EU buyers will be charged VAT

Here's how to put E-junkie with PayPal for Digital Goods to work for your business

STEP 1: Set up a Verified PayPal Business/Premier account.
If you don't have an existing PayPal account:
  1. Use this link to go to PayPal
  2. Click the Get Started button;
  3. Click the Express Checkout button;
  4. Click Create New Account;
  5. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site to sign up for your new account;
  6. If you wish to add Micropayments pricing to your PayPal for Digital Goods account, click Agree and Sign Up when you reach the page about Micropayments.
If you already have a PayPal account using PayPal Payments Standard:
  1. Use this link to go to PayPal
  2. Click the Get Started button;
  3. Click the Express Checkout button;
  4. Click the Login button;
  5. Log into your PayPal account (if you have a personal account, you will need to upgrade to a Business account before proceeding);
  6. Click the Start Now button;
  7. If you would also like to sign up for Micropayments pricing:
    1. Click the Learn more and sign up link* for Micropayments on the right side of the page;
    2. Click Agree and Sign Up on the page for Micropayment pricing if you wish to sign up for it;
    3. Follow the instructions to finish signing up for Micropayments;
    * In case this signup link does not appear for you, please email us, so we can request Micropayments pricing from PayPal for you.
STEP 2: Set up API access in your PayPal account settings
This section will only be necessary if you are not already using PayPal Payments Pro. If you are just now setting that up along with the Digital Goods checkout, please follow those instructions and then contact us here to let us know you also need to have PayPal for Digital Goods enabled with PayPal Payments Pro.
  1. Log into your PayPal account;
  2. Click Profile in the top bar;
  3. Click My selling tools along the left;
  4. Look for API Access under the Selling Online section and click Update;
  5. Click Grant API Permission;
  6. The Add New Third Party Permissions page appears;
  7. Enter our Third Party Permission Username:
    (you can copy and paste to make sure you enter this accurately);
  8. Click the Lookup button. Our partner username will then be verified and you will be shown a list of permissions that you can give us;
  9. Checkmark the following box under the list of Available Permissions:
    • Use Express Checkout to process payments
  10. Click Add.
STEP 3: Link your E-junkie account to your PayPal account, and enable PayPal for Digital Goods:
  1. Click here register for a new E-junkie account if you don't already have one.
  2. Log into your E-junkie account.
  3. In your E-junkie Seller Admin > Edit Profile, enter your PayPal Email (the email address for your PayPal account where you want to accept payments).
  4. Click Submit to save changes.
  5. After adding your product in E-junkie Seller Admin, you will get your E-junkie ADD TO CART and VIEW CART button code, which you can simply copy and paste into your Web site (you only need one complete block of View Cart code on every page with any number of Add to Carts) -- note that Buy Now buttons cannot use the PayPal for Digital Goods checkout flow.
  6. Contact us here to confirm that you have enrolled with PayPal for Digital Goods, so we can enable the PayPal for Digital Goods checkout on your E-junkie account;
  7. Once we reply to confirm that we have enabled the PayPal for Digital Goods checkout flow for your account, you will also need to enable this in your cart by adding the following lines to your View Cart code on every page, just after the line function EJEJC_lc(th) { return false; } in the standard View Cart code you obtained from Seller Admin:
    function EJEJC_config() {
    EJEJC_DG = true;

    (If you're already using other cart customizations, just add the line EJEJC_DG=true; to your existing function EJEJC_config(){} section.)