About Your E-junkie Account

Earn residual income & help us keep our costs low

We don't advertise much and pretty much rely on you to spread the word. This helps us grow in a very manageable and steady fashion. When we don't have to worry about things like marketing and advertising, we can spend all our time in improving E-junkie and providing you excellent customer support.

Recurring Residual Income

We don't just rely on the goodness of your heart to link to us :^) For each new subscriber your refer, we'll pay you 20% of their monthly Subscription payments once they start a paid subscription with us. Earnings are paid out on a quarterly basis in the quarter following when they were earned -- e.g., earnings from subscription payments in the first quarter of the year would be paid out during the second quarter.

When you register with us, you can obtain a referral button or link from Seller Admin > Reseller Referrals, which you can place on your website or send to your friends in an email. Whenever someone clicks that link, we set a referral cookie in their browser which expires in 6 months while we redirect them to our registration page. Even if they don't register right away, as long as they register anytime during the lifespan of that cookie, we will know that you referred that user to us. Once they register, they can start a paid subscription for their account anytime, and your residual earnings will start with their first actual subscription payment.

You can check your reseller referral statistics anytime by going to Seller Admin > Reseller Referrals.

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