Sell anything, anywhere.

For selling downloads, we automate instant and secure digital delivery of files and codes. For tangible goods, we provide shipping calculation, inventory management, POS and more!


Reduce your rate of cart abandonment with our no-popup, no-installation shopping cart that works inside your site. Learn more

Payment Processors

E-junkie integrates with multiple payment services from different providers, so you can find the right checkout solution(s) for your business & customers.Learn more

Digital Storage & Delivery

Sell digital downloads with ease. We host the files and deliver them so buyers get secure product downloads immediately after a successful payment. Learn more

Shipping & Packaging Calculator

Smart shipping & postage calculation based on total order weight, packaging & shipping destination Learn more

Discount Management

Create & manage discounts, sale pricing, coupon codes & gift coupons. Learn more

Sales Tax & VAT Calculator

Customizable sales tax & VAT calculation based on your & buyer's location. Learn more

Inventory Management

Limit product availability by date or units in stock. Great for selling tangible goods, phone cards, event tickets & limited circulation articles. Learn more

Package Deal Management

Bundle multiple products into a single package. A great way to offer combo deals. Ideal for musicians selling albums or EPs. Learn more

Variable Product Options & Prices

Offer buyers a choice of options (color, size, etc.), text fields, or variable pricing for any product. Learn more

Custom/Third-Party Integration

Have us transmit order data to a third-party service or custom script after payment for additional processing needs. Learn more

Affiliate Management

Create & manage affiliate programs to recruit online sales agents who will market your products for you to earn commissions. Learn more

Google Analytics Tracking

Our shopping cart is pre-integrated with Google Analytics including Ecommerce Tracking. Learn more

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Sell your craft with ease

You arent quitting your day job soon, but you'd like to make a little extra dough on the side selling your crafts and passion projects. A hobbyist like you doesn't need a massive, robust ecommerce solution and you certainly don't need to give up a large percentage of your revenues to transaction fees. You want to be able to sell quickly, easily and affordably, with minimal overhead and technology bloat.

E-junkie's ecommerce tools feature a simple drop-in code that you can put on your website and begin selling those crafts within minutes. It has all of the essential features you need -- shipping calculation, secure payments, inventory control, etc. -- without having to hack together complicated software or hire a developer to figure things out.

Maybe someday your hobby will become an empire. But for now, keep it simple. Sell your crafts with us.


We've got you covered

E-junkie has no setup fee, no transaction fee, no bandwidth fee, no transaction limit and no bandwidth limit. Our flat monthly subscription fee covers your full use of E-junkie to sell digital downloads online month-to-month, and it's easy to upgrade anytime you need. What are you waiting for? Get started now with a free trial.

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