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Using Variants to configure volume discounts as "multi-packs" at fixed prices

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If you don't want to use our Discounts feature, another way to create volume discounts would use our Variants feature to define "multi-packs" at a fixed price for each pack size:

  1. Add your product in Seller Admin;
  2. Check the "Variants having individual price/weight/stock/SKU" setting;
  3. On the next screen, supply a list of variants (following the format described there) for each fixed pack size and its price; e.g. enter Option 1 Name as "Pack size" and put something like these lines in the Variants configuration list:


  4. If you will be using weight-based Shipping calculation, you can enter the shipping weight of each whole pack in the appropriate place on each line, like so:


  5. Inventory Control is not advisable with this method, since it's not possible to track individual units sold in multi-packs configured in this manner.