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E-junkie account issues

E-junkie account issues

I am unable to get to the activation screen.
If your account is not activated, just login and site will prompt you to enter the activation code.


I am unable to login.
If you are getting a "Login Failure", then use the "forgot password" form to retrieve your password. If that says "email does not exist", then that means you have changed your login email. If you can not remember it, contact us

If you can login but are logged out simultaneously, then make sure your browser cookies are enabled.

Clicking on "Upload" or "View Log" buttons do not open a new window.
Make sure JavaScript in your browser is not disabled.
Clicking on "Subscribe" button does not open a new window.
Make sure your browser's pop-up blocker is not blocking it.

I am trying to upload a file but it is just stuck.
To ensure that your anti-virus or firewall or any other internet security software is not interfering with the upload, please disable those while you are uploading the file.

This issue can also be related to your browser and if you are constantly having this issue, try a different browser.

I can't use E-junkie ADMIN on my iPhone.
iPhone does not support Flash yet. They will get around to it soon.

I seem to have created multiple subscriptions for a single E-junkie account.
That will only happen in three cases:

While upgrading your subscription, you used a different PayPal account than the one which you used for subscription originally. In this case you need to login to your old PayPal account and cancel the subscription.

While upgrading your subscription, when PayPal gave you a choice to upgrade or create a new subscription, you chose "create a new subscription". In this case you need to login to your PayPal account and cancel the older subscription.

While creating a new subscription for your second E-junkie account (if you have one), you were logged into your first E-junkie account and ended up creating another subscription for the first account. In this case you need to login to your PayPal account and cancel the older subscription. Login to the correct E-junkie account and create a subscription for it.

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