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Pass Ultrasound Physics Study Guide Notes Volume II
The volume II covers the topics such as Doppler physical principles, Doppler spectral analysis, Hemodynamics, propagation of ultrasound wave through tissues, Artifacts, Ultrasound physics elementary principles, and Real time imaging...
Pass Ultrasound Physics Study Guide Notes Volume I
The volume I covers the topics such as Pulse Echo Instrumentation, ultrasound transducers, Sound beam, Bioeffects, Intensity, Resolution and Quality assurance. The material is based on the ARDMS exam outline. It explains the concepts in very simple way...
Loving a Narcissist Virtual Course
Eight-week virtual fully supported online course to help you understand your narcissist, why they are the way they are, and then heal your story to help you love that narcissist unconditionally...
Ladybugs Portfolio
A portfolio featuring 8 sexy bug ladies!..
Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
Vitamin B-12 deficiency is a risk often faced by the elderly, vegetarians, vegans, and those suffering from stomach disorders such as atrophic gastritis, hypochlorhydria, and achlorhydria. Deficiency can lead to multiple health problems and conditions...
Leigh Valentine Beeauty: Firm & Lift Serum w/ Q-Vidasomes
This is a firming & lifting facial, eye & neck serum that will: Reduce the lines and wrinkles Minimizes the appearence of pores Increase the firmness of the skin Skin appears smoother and more vibrant!..
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