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Cannot uncheck "Limit Available Stock"
My problem has been resolved! I had the "Send Stored Codes" box checked under the mistaken notion that I needed it checked in order to use my discount codes. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I've got four ebooks for sale. I'm receiving emails that the inventory is out of stock. When I go to Inventory Control, I cannot uncheck "limit available stock". It is "grayed out". I've tried entering into the Item Expiration box for a date way in the future and tried leaving it blank. Neither allows me to still uncheck "limit available stock". Is there some other method I am missing? Thanks! MORE»

Posted by kriscross on November 28, 2016 @ 11:54 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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RESOLVED: Slow/stalled remotely hosted downloads
It appears some sort of glitch has cropped up affecting early downloads of NEW remotely-hosted files (i.e., files not uploaded directly through our Seller Admin), before we have a copy of the new file synced to our Amazon S3 provisions for long-term storage and delivery. Our Operations team has now been alerted and will be working to resolve the problem forthwith. Remote files which have already been successfully downloaded at least once appear to be unaffected, so meanwhile we advise sellers to refrain from updating any downloadable files on their remote servers until we followup here to confirm the issue is resolved. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on November 24, 2016 @ 17:05 GMT -7 under E-junkie Service Status and Updates

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302 Error with 3rd Party Integration
I need some assistance troubleshooting a 302 error that is causing the server not to be notified. I'm duplicating a similar site that is using 3rd Party Integration successfully. With this new site and a new EJ account I'm getting 302 error when it posts, which I assume is a redirect issue on my end. I'm curious know if having my web.config set up to push the browser to https, WWW, and all lower-case could be causing the 302 message. Or would having an incorrect handshake hash value cause the 302. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. MORE»

Posted by Maxon on November 22, 2016 @ 20:18 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Billing Page not accepting addresses
A customer has told me that the billing page of our cart is not accepting her address. Is there a way to test to see if it is really a problem or something she is doing? MORE»

Posted by Fishie on November 21, 2016 @ 12:34 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Announcing Braintree Payments for E-junkie Checkout
We are pleased to announce that we have completed integration with Braintree Payments as a new payment service our shopping cart and Buy Now buttons can support for checkout, effective immediately. Braintree is a full-stack card-payments platform that replaces the traditional model of sourcing a Payment Gateway and Merchant Account from different providers, sparing you the costs, hassles and limitations of that approach. Buyers worldwide can simply pay you directly with any major card type, without requiring them to register for a Braintree account. Braintree would normally deposit checkout payment funds (less their transaction fee) to your regular bank account; however, if you already have (or would prefer) a traditional Merchant Account at your bank, Braintree can also integrate with that for a flat monthly fee and reduced transaction fees. The new Braintree Auth integration method we use is currently only available for merchants based in the United States (with support for other countries soon to come). You.. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on November 14, 2016 @ 17:22 GMT -7 under E-junkie Service Status and Updates

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paypal new interface
E-junkieGuruLa cuestión es que el nuevo pago de PayPal estándar optimizado para móviles todavía no soporta instantánea de actualización de la API de PayPal que utilizamos para el recálculo de envío, que permite PayPal devolución de llamada a nuestro sistema para asegurar que los gastos de envío (y el impuesto, si es relevante) coincide con el final del envío aborda el comprador ofrece durante el pago. Desde nuestra botones Comprar ahora no calcular el envío, no pasamos parámetros de actualización instantánea de pago de PayPal para esos botones, por lo que PayPal puede mostrar al comprador de pagar su nuevo optimizado para móviles en ese caso. He pedido el desarrollo encargada de investigar si también podríamos omitir factible el envío de parámetros de actualización instantánea de la cesta que no tienen ningún artículo con el envío activado. Otra forma de evitar esto es utilizar los pagos de PayPal Pro, ya que utiliza un método diferente de la integración con El sitio de pago.. MORE»

Posted by nolberto on November 24, 2016 @ 14:39 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
e-junkie ecom/box.js causes web site to scroll down and then won't let scroll back up
OK ...I just published the web site with a first stab at having the cart functionality in it. It is not a polished style job yet ...I wanted to resolve the issue with conflicting CSS ( or javascript or whatever it is )... Brian MORE»

Posted by GlacierBoats on November 14, 2016 @ 18:18 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Upload Failed... E-junkie down???
This help page explains some common reasons for upload problems and how to resolve them: http://www.e-junkie.com/ej/trouble.downloads.uploading.htm If those tips still don't resolve the problem, we would also be glad to perform the upload for you if you can provide the file to us by other means; please contact us here for further instructions: https://www.e-junkie.com/ej/contact.htm MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on November 10, 2016 @ 19:58 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Determining how much of my file storage limit I'm actually using
Thanks! MORE»

Posted by AnthonyK on October 28, 2016 @ 07:18 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
When will we be able to use Stripe?
Thank you, E-junkieGuru. At least you're working on it. :) (And let's assume that if they say it will be ready in about 2 months, it probably will be more like 8 months. :P) MORE»

Posted by Peter_FB on October 28, 2016 @ 02:30 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions