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Questions, suggestions and support for E-junkie related issues.
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Latest Topics

E-Junkie's affiliate "tracking method"
I want to list my affiliate program on an affiliate program directory. They require me to state the "tracking method" offered to my affiliates - does E-Junkie's affiliate tracking method have a name? MORE»

Posted by capefox on July 4, 2015 @ 10:02 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Can I have different files assigned to each SKU or variable?
Can I have different downloadable files assigned to each SKU or variable? Say I have a product that has 12 variants. I want variants 1-4 to have file “A” associated with them , so if the customer buys one of those variants, they get “A”. I want variants 5-12 to have file “B” associated with them, so the customer that buys those variants get file “B” instead of A. Is this possible? MORE»

Posted by BDT on July 3, 2015 @ 23:17 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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I don't find my listing in the Marketplace
1. I added my listing to my e-Junkie Shop around 24 May and started my Paypal e-Junkie subscription on 25 June (8 days ago). I still don't find my listing in the Marketplace - have searched under both of my Category options: "Bodybuilding" and "Muscle- Building". My listing is : 2. Affiliate Settings: I've ticked the option to invite affiliates to promote my e-book - do you have any recommendations on how I can find affiliates to help with promotions? I've made enquiries on the Warrior Forum but they charge a FORTUNE to place an advertisement for recruiting affiliates. Thank you! MORE»

Posted by capefox on July 2, 2015 @ 09:13 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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can u just use the shopping cart instead of the paypal button ?
i need the spact MORE»

Posted by grandpamarc on June 28, 2015 @ 19:13 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Discount Code on Mail Chimp
Hi! I am trying to set up a Buy Now Button directly in my Mail Chimp Newsletter with a Discount Code. I would like to offer my Newsletter subscribers a discount on the purchase of my e-book. Ideally, I would like for them to be able to just click on the Buy Now Button directly from their email/my Newsletter. I have tried copying the code provided by e-junkie, but when I test the email, the only thing that shows are the words "Discount Code"... no box to type the code into and no Buy Now Button image. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! MORE»

Posted by manusmenu on June 28, 2015 @ 07:25 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Latest Discussions

Fraud Prevention
We understand that you want to have room for a third party verification service to inspect transactions between the process of PayPal accepting a payment and our system receiving notice to fill the order (or not), however we have already decided not to implement anything of that nature right now. The system you are asking for would only create major delays and disadvantages to the order process without providing enough benefit to offset those disadvantages, so we can't justify spending any time to develop this system. Our development resources are limited so we have to carefully prioritize where we spend that effort, unfortunately that means we cannot address any individual requests like this unless there's a clear advantage or a large demand. MORE»

Posted by E-JunkieMonster on July 3, 2015 @ 12:46 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
E-junkie Cart: responsive improvements for mobile devices
Thanks for the post. On your sample, as well as a site I'm working with, the PayPal Express Checkout button goes to a version of the PayPal site that is *not* responsive. Do you have a plan for this or can you perhaps point me to a solution? Thanks! MORE»

Posted by PrexusNet on July 2, 2015 @ 23:19 GMT -7 under E-junkie Service Status and Updates
Missing products and general link to my products for affiliates
That is the sign-up link code you would paste into your site to invite affiliates to join your program. If you're sending someone a sign-up link via email, you'd just use the bare link URL from that code: I was able to join your program successfully using that link, and I do see affiliate hop links are available for both of your "How to Build a Business Around Your Blog" products; however, the Premium version has a product-specific 0% share, which would override your Common Share % on all affiliate-referred sales of that product. When your affiliate logs into Affiliate Admin and clicks Get Affiliate Code, they would reach a Select Merchant menu, where they need to select your business name, ""; if they do not even find that name listed in their menu, this help page explains the likely problem and how to resolve it: MORE»

Posted by E-junkie Guru on June 29, 2015 @ 16:02 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
PayPal Annoucement - Does this affect IPN's?
Thank you for setting my mind at ease. MORE»

Posted by Cynthia on June 27, 2015 @ 15:57 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Video Uploading
We can deliver any format you wish to use, there are no requirements on our end about that. :) As for size, the largest single file that can be uploaded to our servers is 500 MB, which may not always be enough depending on the length of the video. But by the time you have enough space in your account for a 500 MB file you're already going to be on the $18/mo plan, which also supports remote hosting. Remote hosting allows you to store much larger files on your own server or with a service like Amazon S3, and remotely stored files can be as large as 2 GB each which should cover a reasonably compressed feature length video. Remotely stored files also don't count against your local storage limits so you can sell as many as 60 different large videos on the $18 plan as opposed to just one smaller video. Our help page here explains how remote hosting works: MORE»

Posted by E-JunkieMonster on June 27, 2015 @ 10:12 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
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