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Questions, suggestions and support for E-junkie related issues.
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Updates about scheduled maintenance, issues and new features.
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Discussion about collaborating, cross promotion and other selling tips and techniques.

Latest Topics

My Continue Shopping Button Has Resurfaced!
Greetings, I'm a bit baffled because, for a while, I was successful in removing the continue shopping button from my cart, now it has suddenly reappeared. I've done all I can to troubleshoot, but to no avail. I'd really appreciate any help: Note: The View Cart button code is on the page, but I've replaced the image with an inconspicuous period. MORE»

Posted by PersonalityJunkie on July 31, 2015 @ 06:38 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Is there a way to track sales page performance
I would like to measure the comparative performance of sales pages. Is there way to check from which sales page a product was sold? I seem to remember that this functionality was present, but I can't see it now. Thank you MORE»

Posted by PrintChap on July 29, 2015 @ 11:33 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Web hosting tools
Every online marketer needs tools. These tools can be the difference between success and failure. Here is some of the tools. Autoresponder- live conference room, easy video production for web page insertion and youtube. Email system. You can get all this in one package. The autoresponder alone is worth a lot of $$. $24.95 will get you hosted with all these tools including. Some companies charge that much for just minor details. Visit my page at: MORE»

Posted by Plugin on July 28, 2015 @ 19:52 GMT -7 under The Republic of Sellers

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App Store style management?
I use e-junkie to sell Mac software and users are requesting a system like the App Store where all there purchases/downloads are managed so if they ever have an HD crash they feel secure in getting it back. Of course they can do this through me personally by contacting me and I'll send a download like but this system isn't as nice as Apple's. Have you considered this before as part of e-junkie? If there was an API for e-junkie it's possible I could roll my own system for my specific customers but an e-junkie store sounds like a good idea imo. Thanks. MORE»

Posted by alchemistguild on July 27, 2015 @ 08:09 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Questions regarding product removal
Hi there! I've had digital products and sales with e-junkie for a good couple of years now. Unfortunately due to EU VAT changes, I will be pulling all my digital products. As kind as e-junkie are to offer up the VAT figures, being a one man band it's much easier for me to just go to 3rd parties who handle VAT on my behalf. My question: If I delete a product, will that also delete all of the relevant transaction history? Should I for example, download the entire history of that product (in its txt format etc) before removing it? My intention is of course to backup and keep all the data, remove all my digital products, downgrade my account so I can still sell a couple of tangible items. That is until the EU do the same thing to tangible products (they plan to do this next year!!! Grr) Thanks! PS. If e-junkie ever considers doing a % per transaction setup in which you also handle VAT, I would come back to you. But for now, gotta thank you for the ride and say cheerio -- sorry that the Gov't.. MORE»

Posted by m0ds on July 27, 2015 @ 04:40 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

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Latest Discussions

Fraud Prevention
I understand your point, but take for example something I suggested before. I suggested being able to block by country or IP address, and I also think I suggested being able to approve a transaction before you guys fill it. I think the response was that either it wouldn't work because they'd use a proxy or that you'd look into it. So, right away, there is a pushback from you guys about extra security measures that do, in fact, work. I use a different company for many of my products and the country filter has done wonders to reduce my fraud. Additionally, because I am able to filter transactions and approve the ones that are marked as fraud, I am still able to approve those to trusted customers. I'm not saying every option out there needs to be on e-Junkie, but I do feel that your commitment to helping your sellers reduce fraud is severely lacking. Blocking emails and names is practically useless and that is all we've been offered for a long time now. MORE»

Posted by mikesay98 on July 28, 2015 @ 10:50 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Custom text or HTML below checkout buttons in the cart not showing
Thank you for that further information. I see what you mean about the duplicated code (albeit with one set without the workaround). The first code is being pulled in by my functions.php file as part of the header and the top "View Cart" button, and it was in functions.php that I changed the code for the workaround. The fact that there is a second set of code being pulled in had passed me by, and I see that this has not got the workaround which means that it must be being pulled in for a second time, from a separate file somewhere... now I just need to find where! I will need to look into this further, as a cursory scan around failed to find the source. I suspect that it must be loading automatically with the footer, for the bottom "View Cart" button, but have not been able to find where so far. Thank for your help, I am sure that once I can find the second source and remove it, it will be fine. MORE»

Posted by Eddie180 on July 28, 2015 @ 02:32 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Delete/Cancel/Remove Orders & Change Shipping Addresses
The E-junkie Transaction Log is a permanent record of every order we process for you, at the time the order was processed; therefore, that data cannot be altered after the fact. However, you can download a copy of your log data and modify your copy as desired to serve as a reference for your own purposes. This help page explains more about viewing and downloading your Transaction Log: MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on July 22, 2015 @ 12:57 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Shopping cart checkout button
This help page explains how to customize the overlay-style cart that appears "inside" your page, such as replacing the standard checkout button with a custom button image: E.g., if that's the only customization you want, you'd add these lines after the "function EJEJC_lc(th) { return false; }" line in your page's View Cart code: function EJEJC_config() { EJEJC_POSTCALL=true; } function EJEJC_shown() { jQuery("#btnPP").attr("src", "http://yourdomain/yourimage"); } Regarding the appearance of PayPal's checkout site, we don't have any direct control over that, but it should look the same for Buy Now and Cart checkouts on desktop computers. If your interest was primarily in having a mobile-optimized checkout on smartphones/tablets, at present that only works for Buy Now buttons or, if you're using PayPal Payments Pro, cart checkouts without tax/shipping. We recently reached out to PayPal about this,.. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on July 21, 2015 @ 19:47 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
The checkout page is UGLY! Can you update it?
Man, that is so awesome to hear! Thank you! Glad you noticed that a change was needed! MORE»

Posted by RodyPL on July 20, 2015 @ 20:54 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
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