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Questions, suggestions and support for E-junkie related issues.
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Updates about scheduled maintenance, issues and new features.
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Implemented E-junkie on your site? Let the world know.
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Discussion about collaborating, cross promotion and other selling tips and techniques.

Latest Topics

Finding/Opening PDF on Android
Tested our PDF e-book download on an Android phone and an Android tablet. On the tablet, the download list doesn't list the PDF. On the phone it does, but when you tap it there, it says it can't open it. Adobe reader was on both devices, and the files could be found and opened from within Adobe Reader on both devices. But not from the downloads. Is this a problem with the download? With E-junkie? MORE»

Posted by LaCucinaDiAntonella on March 2, 2015 @ 14:28 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

There is 1 reply so far.
Error 12: Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed
A test transaction we did yielded the following error: “We're sorry, but an error occurred while processing your payment to PayPal. This error has been logged. You might want to go back and try your transaction again. Error 12: Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed.” The transaction was performed on a Mac laptop using the Chrome browser. The payment method was a valid U.S. credit card. Our E-junkie cart is set up to accept credit card with Paypal Payments Advanced. Any ideas what could be wrong? MORE»

Posted by LaCucinaDiAntonella on March 2, 2015 @ 14:03 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

There is 1 reply so far.
Mis-named files
We've had a test download recently where the file downloaded with the name "1413817_26M38509GV870573W", without any extension even. It worked fine once the .pdf extension was added, but it should have downloaded as "la_cucina_di_antonella_cookbook,_english.pdf". Any idea what could have caused this? MORE»

Posted by LaCucinaDiAntonella on March 2, 2015 @ 13:32 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

There is 1 reply so far.
Integration new payment processor
Sorry I couldn't find information how to integrate new payment processor to checkout. Which tools, api and reference use for developing new plugin? Or closed platform and no any extensions or plugins is allow? Thanks. MORE»

Posted by CoinPip on February 27, 2015 @ 20:48 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

There is 1 reply so far.
Another pdf stamping question
We are building pdfs with different page sizes, in one case radically different. Can we be sure that the stamp will appear in the same spot, same size, same distance from the top and left edges, regardless of page size? Thanks. MORE»

Posted by adieu on February 22, 2015 @ 16:43 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions

There are 3 replies so far.

Latest Discussions

New EU VAT regulation for 2015 and eJunkie
Caution is advised against reading too closely such informal "guidelines" as you cited vs. the actual regulations that they're attempting to explain; the latter are legally binding, whereas the former are not. That said, the same guidelines you cited also state further down: If you operate a digital platform through which third parties sell e-services you are liable to account for the VAT on those sales unless every one of the following conditions are met: - the digital platform and everyone else involved in the supply must identify who the supplier is in their contractual arrangements - the invoice, bill or sales receipt must identify that supplier and the service supplied - the digital platform must not authorise the charge to the consumer - the digital platform must not authorise the delivery - the digital platform must not set the general terms and conditions of the sale E-junkie satisfies all of those conditions. Regarding the last point, we do not set any general terms.. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on March 2, 2015 @ 18:52 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Using Paypal adaptive payments through e-junkie?
I'm afraid that's not something that we can support yet, although it remains on our list for future consideration. We have to balance that against other requests that may be more widely desired and have no other way to be accomplished manually, though. In the meantime it is still possible to split revenue manually as Guru mentioned above, and you can have automatic notifications of sales sent to your partners to give them visibility of what is being sold in addition to using those same records to determine their earnings. MORE»

Posted by E-JunkieMonster on February 27, 2015 @ 16:29 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Discount code for specific product with percent % discount
Development has confirmed, and I have tested to verify, that this bug is now fixed. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on February 26, 2015 @ 15:04 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Putting shipping method in customer thank you mail? Possible?
It doesn't appear Development ever implemented this, so it probably fell off their radar. I've reminded them about it again just now and will followup here as soon as there's any further news on that front. MORE»

Posted by E-junkieGuru on February 23, 2015 @ 17:04 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
Clickbank integration failed.
Yep, it is. MORE»

Posted by BuckoA51 on February 19, 2015 @ 13:57 GMT -7 under E-junkie Discussions
30 Day Money Back Guarantee PayPal Certified Integration 2Checkout Shopping Cart Sell with ClickBank Authorize.Net shipping cart
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