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Sell anything

Sell digital downloads (ebooks, art, music, videos, coupon codes, tickets) and physical products together!

Sell anywhere

Sell products directly on your own site, blog, social media, messengers, or create a simple shop.

Simple setup

Add your payment processor account, upload your digital product, and use your purchase links anywhere!

Digital Delivery

Sell files, codes, generated keys, software, or a combination of all these! We instantly verify each sale and send out your digital goods, with download links that expire after limited use.

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eBook protection

We can stamp the buyer's name, email and transaction ID on PDF downloads, which deters them from distributing it.

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Shopping cart

Our customizable shopping cart can appear as an overlay within your site's sales pages, fitting your existing layout and branding.

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Product Page

We automatically create a SEO friendly product landing page, pre-integrated with Google and Facebook analytics. Simply link to it from anywhere.

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Sell Downloads Offline

E-junkie gives you unique download codes for your digital downloads to let you sell them offline. You sell in stores, fairs and shows!

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Discounts and coupons

Create shop wide or product specific promotions, discount code or gift cards.

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Shipping, packaging and handling

Calculate postage with our USPS, UPS integrations, or using custom rules. Define packaging size and costs to accurately charge packaging costs.

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Inventory management

Easily maintain stock and disable sales automatically with our inventory management feature.

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Affiliate Programs

Want to recruit your fans to increase sales? Start signing up affiliates right away with our affiliate sign-up links.

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Great for donations and charitable causes. Get buyers to pay what they want. Set a minimum price optionally.

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Promotion Freebies

Use Free links to send free copies of your product to reviewers and friends. Use Free checkout to collect buyer data before giving away a download!

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List your products in E-junkie marketplace for free.

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Packaged products

Bundle multiple products together to sell product packages.

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If you have Google Analytics or Facebook pixel on your website, our cart automagically tracks e-commerce conversions.

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Customize your thank you emails and pages.

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Third party integration

Integrate with your mailing lists, logistics or accounting software!

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Create rules to calculate sales tax and VAT.

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