Why E-junkie?

Maintenance free

E-junkie is a hosted service; you don't have to worry about hosting, installing, programming or maintaining any software.

Sell anything

Sell digital products(files, codes or softwares) and physical products together!

Sell anywhere

Use our buy-now, cart, donate buttons or purchase links anywhere you can want, HTML or links.

Simple, yet powerful

Easy enough to help you start selling easily in 5 minutes. Powerful enough to accomodate your growth.

  • Digital Delivery

    Sell files, codes, generated keys, softwares, or a combination of all these! We instantly verify each sale and send out your digital goods, with download links that expire after limited use.

  • Digital delivery for ebay

    We do instant fulfillment for digital goods that you are selling on ebay.

  • eBook protection

    We can stamp buyer's name, email and transaction ID on PDF downloads, which deters them from distributing it.

  • Create an online shop

    If you don't have a website, E-junkie creates a shop for you in just 2 minutes.

  • Discounts and coupons

    Create shop wide or product specific promotions, discount code or gift cards.

  • Shipping, packaging and handling

    Calculate postage with our USPS, UPS integrations, or using custom rules. Define packaging size and costs to accurately charge packaging costs.

  • Inventory management

    Easily maintain stock and disable sales automatically with our inventory management feature.

  • Affiliate Programs

    Want to recruit your fans to increase sales? Start signing up affiliates right away with our affiliate sign-up links.

  • Pay-what-you-want

    Great for donations and chaitable causes. Get buyers to pay what they want. Set a minimum price optionally.

  • Promotion Freebies

    Use Free links to send free copies of your product to reviewers and friends. Use Free checkout to collect buyer data before giving away a download!

  • Exposure

    List your products in E-junkie marketplace for free.

  • Packaged products

    Bundle multiple products together to sell product packages.

  • Analytics

    If you have Google Analytics or Facebook pixel on your website, our cart automagically tracks e-commerce conversions.

  • Customizable

    Customize your thank you emails and pages.

  • Invoices

    Easily create invoices for your clients.

  • Third party integration

    Integrate with your mailing lists, logistics or accounting software!

  • POS

    Selling in fairs and exhibitions? Use our POS to sell physical and digital goods in person!

  • Tax/VAT

    Create rules to calculate sales tax and VAT.

More great features

  • Don't bother uploading files. Upload your files using our powerful website interface, or use the FTP option if you like.
  • Say yes to every buyer. We work with multiple payment processors and accept multiple currencies.
  • Send updates. Send notification about new products or updates for old products to your buyers.
  • Buyer management. Renew expired download links easily for buyers.
  • No limits. Have unlimited sales without being charged for bandwidth or transactions.