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Sell your ebooks with ease

The eBook industry has led to an independent publishing revolution. Aspiring and established authors alike are finding success building their own audiences through blogging and social media and selling their eBooks direct to readers.

While you could work to get your eBook on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other major marketplaces, you end up splitting a substantial percentage of your revenues with them. That might be fine when reaching new audiences through those platforms, but when selling to visitors of your own site, blog or social media, you are better off utilizing an ecommerce tool like E-junkie, rather than sending your customers, and a lot of their money, away to a third party.

E-junkie provides simple drop-in code, secured payments and protected file delivery of the eBook through an automated system, all at a low monthly fee with no transaction fees.

PDF Stamping

What is PDF Stamping

We can stamp the buyer's name, email and their unique Transaction ID on the top-left of each page of the PDF they receive before they download it. Unlike DRM (Digital Rights Management), this is a simple, non-intrusive way to discourage buyers from sharing their PDFs. Unlike the various DRM solutions we investigated, our PDF Stamping feature allows a pleasant and hassle-free buyer experience and produces a file that all PDF reader software can handle without any trouble, which also eliminates the need for merchants to handle customer support issues commonly encountered with DRM.


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How to set-up PDF Stamping?
How to add read-only password to stamped PDFs?
3rd Party ebook compilers & file-locking solutions


  • This only works for Single File Download products which have a single PDF file uploaded as-is; it will not work for products using Package files from other products nor for PDFs enclosed within some other file type such as a ZIP archive;
  • Do not enable this for products which are remotely hosted (file stored on your server instead of uploaded to ours); although it may probably work fine most of the time, it can also have unpredictable results in various scenarios;
  • Issuing a link manually via the Send free download link function in your Seller Admin will issue a Stamped file if the product has PDF Stamping set up (this is a good way to test your configuration);
  • Free download links issued via the Updates function in your Seller Admin cannot issue Stamped files;
  • Each buyer's original link for a Stamped PDF will always download their original Stamped file, even if you subsequently update the product's file or reactivate the buyer's link (unlike all other non-Stamped downloads, which always issue a copy of the latest file uploaded to the product);
  • You can only re-activate links for Stamped PDFs up to one year after the link was first issued; after that, you can use Send free download link to issue them a replacement link for a Stamped copy of the latest file uploaded to the product.

Although we have tested it with many various kinds of PDFs, there may still be certain PDFs that could have problems with Stamping. We recommend that you enable it for only one of your products first, then use Send free download link to send yourself a link to see how your PDF is coming out. If you are happy with the results, then you can enable it for your other PDFs.