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Help with E-junkie Features

Integration with custom scripts and third-party services

Integrate E-junkie with third-party & custom services for additional post-payment processing needs

E-junkie has built-in integration for some purposes and third-party services, and you can use our generic IPN-style webhook integration method to have us transmit your order data to a custom external script, which many third-party services already support. See the links listed below for details.

If your URL would receive the order data and also return output which you want us to forward to the buyer, use our Send Generated Codes feature instead.

Furthermore, "middleman" services such as Zapier and Integrately can facilitate integration with thousands more third-party services that may not be able to integrate with E-junkie directly. ConnectMySAAS can help you identify which of those can support integration with any particular third-party service you wish to use.

Note: E-junkie can transmit order data to an external script URL only for successful completed payments. If your server fails to respond when E-junkie attempts to submit order data to it, our system will not retry but will normally email a notification of the failure to your E-junkie Login Email address, so you can sort out the reason for the problem.