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E-junkie Shopping Cart Buttons

E-junkie shopping cart buttons are our recommended buttons as they provide your buyers the best possible user experience, supporting all E-junkie features (like cart discounts, variable pricing, editable quantity, product variations, shipping calculation, tax calculation, etc.) and offer buyers a choice of checkout methods among whatever payment processors you have enabled in your E-junkie account.

How to obtain E-junkie Cart buttons for your site

  • Whether you are adding a new product in Seller Admin for the first time or editing an existing product, you will arrive at the Button Codes screen once you click Submit to save the product's settings.

  • If you just need to get codes for an existing product you've already added, just go to Seller Admin > Get Button Code, select a product from the menu, and copy the button codes we provide there.

Your View Cart code is unique to you but the same for all your products, so it doesn't matter which product's button codes screen you copy it from. You don't need to have a View Cart for every single Add to Cart button; just make sure you have at least one complete copy of your View Cart code on every sales page of your site.

E-junkie cart button codes come in two flavors

JavaScript (standard)
Our standard cart buttons will display the buyer's shopping cart as an overlay "inside" your own Web page.

To get that overlay-style cart display, you must have at least one block of your complete View Cart button code in every page that has any number of Cart buttons. The View Cart code loads some JavaScript into your page for managing the overlay-style cart display.

Although our standard cart uses JavaScript to generate the cart overlay, if your page is missing the View Cart code, or if the buyer has JavaScript disabled in their browser, the cart will still work in "fallback mode" by opening in a new window/tab.

Non-JavaScript (optional)
You should only use the Non-JavaScript version if you are pasting the button code on a site which will not allow you to paste JavaScript. When buyer clicks on these buttons, the cart will open in a new window/tab. To get the Non-JavaScript version of the button code, simply un-tick the Get javascript cart buttons checkbox on your button codes screen.
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