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Point of Sale

Process cash & credit cards in person when selling in your store or fairs.

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How to use E-junkie as a POS?

Using E-junkie Dashboard as a point-of-sale terminal for sales by phone, fax, mail-order, or in-person

In the left-hand sidebar menu of your E-junkie Dashboard, go to Beta Features > Point of Sale. This will bring up a grid listing all of the products you've added to your E-junkie account, so you can build a buyer's order by adding items to it. From there, you can proceed to any of the online payment methods you accept and then let the buyer enter their PayPal or card details, or if you have accepted payment from the buyer by other means, you can click Pay by Cash to have us process the order without online payment. We would then handle the order exactly the same as if the buyer had purchased online -- e.g., send emails, issue links or codes, log the order details, etc.

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