Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Pixel, & other tracking code

For "conversion tracking" see important notes here.

How to enable tracking for Google Analytics with E-junkie

If you are using E-junkie Buy Now buttons:

If you are only using E-junkie Buy Now buttons, rather than our Add to Cart/View Cart buttons, then you would need to follow Google's own instructions for "third party ecommerce" and paste their Analytics tracking code into your site's pages and into your E-junkie thank-you page. In this case, E-junkie would be completely uninvolved in your Google Analytics tracking, so you would need to consult Google Analytics support for any assistance you may require.

If you are using Product Cards or the E-junkie Shop/Marketplace:

We have automatic support for tracking via Google and Facebook built into the sales pages we build for Product Cards and your E-junkie Shop! To take advantage of this, from your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences, then in the Optional Information section, click the green Analytics Codes button and enter either your Google Analytics UA Code and/or your Facebook App ID and Pixel ID. We'll take care of the rest by placing the necessary tracking code into your sales page and on the post-sale thank you page that we generate.

If you are using E-junkie Add to Cart/View Cart buttons:

Our new shopping cart and new thank-you pages (both standard for new sellers) when used together now support Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking automatically, including support for Google's current Universal Analytics (analytics.js) and Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code. Better yet, you won't need to use any custom tracking code from us.

As long as your sales pages have the standard tracking code you obtain from Google or Facebook, and your E-junkie account is using our new cart and thank-you pages, and you're using our standard Cart button codes with at least one copy of your Cart Script code on every sales page (so the cart dispays as an overlay within your own page), our new thank-you pages will automatically insert the proper GA/FB tracking code (including Ecommerce Tracking details for GA) whenever it detects the buyer's browser has a tracking cookie set by that code. We can add cart-button click tracking to the regular Analytics page-traffic monitoring, and we also take care of context transfer and ensure that we don't report duplicate conversions if the buyer returns to their thank-you page again.

In this case, do not add any Google Analytics or Facebook tracking code into your E-junkie Thank-you Page customization fields, as that would conflict with the integrated GA tracking data we already provide there automatically. However, if you are redirecting buyers to a Common Thank-you Page URL or using product-based Redirection URLs, then you should place the same tracking code in that page that you're using elsewhere in your site.

Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics

Make sure you select Ecommerce tracking: Yes, an Ecommerce Site in the Profile Settings for your site in Google Analytics, and add our version of the GA tracking code to your pages as explained above. Whenever the thank-you pages we generate for you detect the buyer's browser has a tracking cookie set by our version of the GA tracking code, the page will include Ecommerce Tracking data for GA to pick up; however, the consistency of this still depends on whether or not buyers actually view their thank-you page at some point after completing checkout.

Goals-based Conversion Tracking

If you are setting Goals in your Analytics account, you will need to specify your Goal URL as (or if you are redirecting to a Common Thank-you Page URL on your site, you should use your page URL here), and under additional settings, set Match Type as Begins With (aka Head Match). See this FAQ page to see if your use of E-junkie will be able to track Goals consistently. This approach provides a sort of rudimentary "conversion tracking" if you aren't using Ecommerce Tracking with our standard GA tracking integration covered above and count every Goal tracked as a sales conversion.

How to enable conversion tracking for other services

All these services will provide you with a custom code snippet that they require you to place on your "thank you" or "conversion" page. If they provide a "secure" variant of their code, you should use that. The best place to paste this code is in your Common Thank-you Page Customization in E-junke Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences. If the code is product-specific, you can paste that in the Product Thank-you Page HTML field of that product's settings. If the code requires you to use some transaction or product specific data, you may be able to use template variables for that.

See the FAQ and Tips links below for further details about factors that can interfere with tracking conversions via thank-you page visits when you use E-junkie, and some suggestions to make this process more reliable if you don't sell downloads and/or are required to have the conversion page on your own site (rather than on a third-party site like the thank-you pages E-junkie would normally generate for you).