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Storefront scripts for developers

Using E-junkie PHP and Javascript to generate custom Shop and Product pages

E-junkie offers PHP scripts and Javascripts to generate shop/product pages on any platform or website, pulling product details directly from our database.

NOTE: These scripts are optional; they are not necessary if you simply want to implement our shopping cart within your own site.

Php Scripts

Developers can use this PHP Script to generate Shop and Product pages anywhere.


Developers can use this Javascript to generate Shop and Product pages in any HTML page.

Using E-junkie Webhooks with Google Apps Script

E-junkie webhooks can be also used for integrating with Google Apps Script to use with Google Spreadsheets, Google Document, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Contacts. Example Script

E-junkie Templating Engine

E-junkie have developed our own templating variables which you can use with E-junkie PHP/Javascript.