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E-junkie supports full cart checkouts using PayPal Payflow Pro with our standard shopping cart buttons, including full support for all of our features.

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Currently available to Merchants in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Accept credit card payments without requiring the buyer to have a PayPal account
Works with most any existing Internet Merchant Account you may already have at your bank
Click here to learn more and sign up for the PayPal Payflow Gateway.
If you already have an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) at your bank, which allows you to authorize direct card payments to your bank account, then PayPal Payflow Pro or Payflow Link would be the online equivalent of your in-store card-swipe/keypad terminal for card payment authorizations. If you do not already have an IMA at your bank and also wish to accept regular PayPal account-based payments, you may wish to consider using E-junkie with PayPal Payments Advanced or PayPal Payments Pro instead of Payflow Link/Pro.

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How to integrate E-junkie and PayPal Payflow Pro


    1. Sign up for PayPal Payflow Pro if you haven't already done so;
    2. Log into your PayPal Manager account for Payflow Pro once you're approved for that with PayPal;
    3. Click Account Administration at the top of the page;
    4. Click Manage Users;
    5. Click the appropriate underlined User Login hyperlink;
    6. Note down your Partner, Merchant Login, and User Login credentials;
    7. Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin:
      • Click Edit Profile;
      • Under the Accept Credit Cards section, select PayPal Payflow Pro;
      • Enter your Partner, Merchant Login, User Login, and Transaction Password credentials;
      • Click Submit to apply changes.


    • Explanation of your PayPal Manager credentials:
      • Partner: maximum 50 characters - this identifies the Internet Merchant Account (IMA) provider where you will receive card-based payment funds authorized by Payflow Pro;
      • Merchant Login: maximum 20 characters - this should be your main PayPal Manager login username (which is different from the login email for your regular PayPal account, if you have one);
      • User Login: maximum 50 characters - this should be the username you want to use for transaction processing, such as a secondary account you may have added to your PayPal Manager (as we recommend for security, see below), or otherwise this would be the same as your Merchant Login;
      • Transaction Password: minimum 7 characters, maximum 16 characters, must be alphanumeric (letters and numbers only, no punctuation or other symbols) - this should be the password for the username you provided in the User Login field;
    • To keep things more secure, we strongly recommend that you maintain a PayPal Manager user account for processing transactions that is separate from your main PayPal Manager login. You can do that in PayPal Manager by going to Account Administration > Manage Users > Add User to create a separate user login. You should assign this user login the API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS privilege so that E-junkie can properly submit transactions with it, but it won't be able to log into your PayPal Manager account to access your confidential data there. See this help page for further details and instructions.

Have questions about the PayPal Payflow Pro?

See our help pages if you have any questions about our features or payment integrations, or email our support team.