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Name-your-price products or donations

Accepting Donations or Name-Your-Price Products

When adding a product or editing a product's settings in Seller Admin, you can enable the Let Buyers Edit Price feature to allow buyers to change the price of that product in their cart after they click the product's Add to Cart button. This will also reveal some other product settings to set conditions on the buyer's variable price:

Minimum Price
The buyer will be unable to undercut any Minimum Price you set. If they attempt to edit their price lower than this, the cart will show the price reduced only to your Minimum Price.

If you want the buyer to be able to order the product for free without paying anything, just leave this blank or set at 0.00, which would allow buyers to place their order through our Free Checkout. Doing this will also lock the item quantity at 1 in buyers' carts, so if you want buyers to be able to edit both the price and quantity, you will need to set a Min. Price of at least 0.01.

Suggested Price
This will be the initial price shown for the product in the buyer's cart when they initially click the product's Add to Cart button. They would need to manually edit their Suggested Price in order to pay any other amount for the product. For Donations, this can be your recommended or standard donation amount, which would tend to discourage donors from donating any less if they can afford the suggested amount.

NOTE: if you paste button code for an item into your site and later change its Suggested Price, you will need to obtain new button code to use, as this is one of the few settings carried in the button code itself.