Selling file downloads with instant delivery after payment

  • We can deliver any file format, from PDF, ZIP, MP3 and more;
  • We issue a unique, expiring download link for every purchase;
  • We support unlimited downloads for sales and cover all bandwidth, no matter how large your files may be.

To sell downloadable products, simply upload your file to our system and we will automate delivery after payment is confirmed. Link expiration settings can be adjusted, but we recommend our default expiry allowing up to 5 download attempts within 120 hours.

  • Download Attempts can be set from 1-9.
    • (If you wish to provide unlimited downloads, click here for suggestions)
    • We do not recommend setting your allowed download Attempts below 3, which would only raise your customer service workload, as there are many legitimate reasons why a buyer may need to attempt their download more than once.
  • The time limit is optional and can be set from 0 (no time limit) to any amount of hours you wish.

Uploading Files

When adding a new product:

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Add Product;
  2. Under the section Digital Delivery > Send Links, tick the box for Single File Download (this is enabled by default for any new product);
  3. Finish setting up other aspects of the product;
  4. Click Submit to save the new product;
  5. The Upload Product File button will appear on the final screen where we present button codes for that product;
  6. An uploader box will appear, where you can click Choose File and then select your file;
  7. Once the upload completes, you can close the uploader box.

Adding or replacing a file for an existing product:

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > Edit/Clone Products;
  2. Select a product and click View/Edit Product;
  3. Under the section Digital Delivery > Send Links, make sure the box for Single File Download is ticked;
  4. You will find the Upload Product File button nearby in that same section (this button would say Replace Product File if you had previously uploaded a file for the product, allowing you to replace the old file with a new one);
  5. An uploader box will appear, where you can click Choose File and then select your file;
  6. Once the upload completes, you can close the uploader box;
  7. If you change any other settings for the product, remember to click Submit to apply changes.

Remotely Hosted Downloads (Pull Remote Files)

This is an optional feature for merchants who need more storage than our plans already offer.

  • Provide your own storage for files in addition to the storage provided with your E-junkie subscription;
  • Available on plans of $20/mo and up;
  • A cost effective way to sell several large files such as high resolution video and software without having to pay extra to store them in your E-junkie account.

When adding/editing a downloadable product, tick the box to Show advanced settings at the top, then you will see an option to provide a web address for your file in the Remote Product File URL field. You must have at least a $20/mo subscription and the product must have a minimum price of 0.10.

We will cache a temporary copy of your file on our end and then stream that to the buyer, delivering the file just the same way we do for copies that have been uploaded to our servers directly. We will only download a new copy from your original source when we detect that you've updated the file or if we do not have an existing copy ready to deliver on our end. This ensures that your file's original location is never revealed, and that we will be covering the bandwidth for each delivery.

You can store files on your own server or with a cloud storage service such as Amazon S3 (click here for tips) or Backblaze. File sharing services such as Google Drive or Dropbox that provide file access via an application or download page will not work for this purpose as our system will need direct access to the file itself in order to deliver it to your buyers.