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Secured & instant download delivery of files and codes for your ebay listings.

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How to use E-junkie for eBay digital delivery?

If you are accepting sales on eBay via PayPal then E-junkie can help with automatic delivery of digital products such as ebooks, documents, software, phone cards and more!

We can automatically prodivde unique and expiring download links and/or PINs/license keys or other information via email. Since we will be relying on PayPal's payment processing to fill your eBay orders you'll only need to update settings within your PayPal account rather than within eBay itself.

When we are informed of a payment we will send the product within your E-junkie account that matches the name of your eBay listing, so it is important that the name of your listing and the name of your product are an exact match.

  1. Add IPN settings in your PayPal account. This step is only required ONCE:
  2. If your eBay listing Title will use any symbols, emoji, or other non-Western language characters, also set your PayPal account to use UTF-8 language encoding as we explain here.
  3. Create your eBay or other auction/store site listing
    • When you enter the auction Title, copy and save it somewhere as you will need to paste that into your E-junkie Seller Admin later:
      • Copy it directly from the text-entry box where you type it, not from the live listing page later, as that will not be accurate if you have any double spaces between characters;
      • If you are using any non-ASCII characters in your Title -- e.g., accented letters, non-Latin alphabet, emoji, or other extended Unicode characters -- you will need to set your PayPal account to use UTF-8 language encoding as we instruct here;
    • Bear in mind current eBay policy on selling digitally delivered goods -- e.g.,
      • When you sell digitally delivered goods on eBay, you must include a statement in your listing and product that says you legally own the content or are authorized to sell it;
      • You can't sell digitally delivered goods that could damage a buyer's devices, be used maliciously, or to invade privacy;
      • In addition, you can't sell any digital content that you aren't authorized to sell;
      • You'll find more details on specific digitally delivered goods that aren't allowed on eBay in their full policy here.
    • If you will be shipping/mailing a physical copy, you could use E-junkie to provide an instant digital download version for the buyer to enjoy while they wait for their physical copy to arrive;
    • If your item is a tangible product, you can use E-junkie to provide an accompanying file, such as a product manual, firmware file/utility, device driver, etc.
  4. Add your product in E-junkie Admin:
    • Go to E-junkie Seller Admin > Add New Product;
    • Copy the auction Title you'd entered in eBay or other auction/store site, and paste that as the product's Item Name in E-junkie;
    • You can enter any price you want, as that is not considered for eBay auctions. ONLY If you are selling on some other auction site, the price you enter should be the minimum at which your item can sell on that site.
    • Currency should be the same as the currency you are accepting in your eBay or other auction/store site listing.
    • Configure other Digital Delivery options you need for the product.
    • Click Submit to save settings.
    • Go to E-junkie Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile. Make sure the PayPal e-mail you enter in your E-junkie profile is the same as the one you have entered in your eBay auction for receiving payment (this should be either the email address you use to log into PayPal or a Confirmed secondary email you have added to your PayPal account).
    • You need to do this step only once for each product you are selling on eBay. You will not need to repeat this when you re-list your product on eBay, as long as you retain the same auction title.

Important Notes:

  • E-junkie is completely compatible with eBay collective payments, even if the payment includes any items which are not added in E-junkie admin.
  • If you are listing your product on some other site that supports checkout with PayPal, E-junkie can handle that as well, as long as the buyer's PayPal payment includes the product's Item Name exactly as you have listed it in E-junkie.