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E-junkie Buy Now Buttons

Buy Now buttons bypass the shopping cart and take the buyer directly to instant checkout for just one item at a time. For this reason, each Buy Now button is associated with a particular payment processor, and Buy Now buttons cannot use features that depend on our shopping cart: Tax & Shipping calculation, Let buyer edit price, Variations/Variants, certain types of Discounts (if you need to use those features, you should use our Cart buttons instead).

You can obtain Buy Now instant-purchase buttons from the Button Codes screen for each product:

  • Whether you are adding a new product in Seller Admin for the first time or editing an existing product, you will arrive at the Button Codes screen once you click Submit to save the product's settings.
  • If you just need to get codes for an existing product you've already added, just go to Seller Admin > Get Button Code, select a product from the menu, and copy the button codes we provide there.

On the Button Codes screen, scroll down to the Buy Now Buttons section to get that type of button code for the product. If you accept more than one payment processor, you will need to select which payment processor your Buy Now button should use. If Buy Now button code is not provided, that means you have configured the product using Variants/Variations or "Let buyer edit price", which cannot work with Buy Now buttons.

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